A Cutting-Edge Business Opportunity

Here’s a business opportunity you may not have thought of, but could be quite lucrative – a blade sharpening business.

Just take a minute to think about how many blades are in a household at one time between knives, scissors, lawn mowers and hedge trimmers. That’s a lot of blades that need sharpening. Now multiply that by the number of households in your area whose blades could benefit from a good sharpening. Tens of thousands, perhaps?


You won’t need much space for sharpening. A garage, basement or shed will work. You can start out part-time with flexible hours until you start to drum up a bigger clientele. To find homeowners to serve, go where the foodies go to market your services, like local farmers markets.

Make arrangements with local businesses, such as restaurants, to sharpen their blades on a regular basis. Broaden your skills and get into beauty shears, and watch your business grow!