The Startup That Is Helping People Beat Social Anxiety

Joyable, a Bay-area startup, launched in March to provide evidence-based, affordable mental health services to the millions who can’t access them. The startup had raised $2.05 million in seed funding to help get up and running.

Joyable offers the online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program, the gold standard for treating social anxiety and is available online with support from trained coaches to help people overcome their social anxiety.

Wondering how it works? Clients start out with a 30-minute kick-off call, or interact by text or email, with an assigned coach about how social anxiety affects them and what they would like to get out of the program. Through the CBT program and weekly check-ins with their coach, clients learn techniques to reduce anxiety.


Since March, 90 percent of Joyable clients have seen, on average, a 30 percent decline in their social anxiety, which is life-changing.

The Joyable program lasts for 12 weeks on average and costs $99 per month or $239 for a three-month package.

In the future, Joyable cofounder and chief operating officer Steve Marks and fellow cofounder Peter Shalek hope to expand the startup’s reach to treat obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.