If you’re looking to get started with a home-based business, you have probably seen a lot of the same franchises marketed online or at trade shows. A large number of home-based businesses are cleaning businesses, tutoring services and travel agencies. Though these are the best fit for some entrepreneurs, they aren’t for everyone.


There are actually thousands of great franchises that will allow you to work from the comfort of your home. Finding a good fit for you is crucial if you want to be successful and satisfied with your home-based business. Check out the following franchises. We guarantee you’ll find some that you’ve never heard of, and it may be the perfect business for you to start from your home.

  1. Bricks 4 Kidz

There are a lot of enrichment franchises out there. Most specialize in math and STEM tutoring, but Bricks 4 Kidz actually uses LEGOs to teach kids these concepts in a way that’s extremely fun. The franchise provides franchisees with LEGO activities that were designed by mathematicians and engineers, and these games will actually help children improve their knowledge of science and math while they play. Bricks 4 Kidz has over 500 franchises across the world and may be a good choice if you like working with children.

  1. Pop-A-Lock

Pop-A-Lock is a nationwide locksmith franchise. They work for residential and commercial clients, providing locksmith services such as installing locks, changing locks, and duplicating keys. One of the most interesting parts of the business is the lockout services. Whenever your customers are locked out of their home, office or car, you’ll only be a phone call away from saving the day for them. The business also provides enhanced security and video surveillance technology to clients who are looking for more protection.

  1. ActionCOACH

If you love public speaking and corporate settings, ActionCOACH might be the right franchise for you to start. The franchise provides business coaching and motivational speaking to corporate clients. Unlike typical motivational speakers, you will be expected to provide real business insights and use knowledge of the market when providing your coaching to executives or high level teams, so it’s important that you have some knowledge of the business world. ActionCOACH provides all of its franchisees with a large amount of training and expertise, so that each franchisee can provide the best coaching possible.

  1. Soccer Shots

Sports activities for children are a growing franchise category, and with soccer slowly getting more and more popular across the United States, Soccer Shots is growing very quickly. The franchise helps individuals start their own soccer programs where they teach young children soccer basics, good sportsmanship and help children improve their fitness and coordination. The franchise fees are very low, and depending on where you live, you can provide weekly lessons year-round.

  1. Geese Police

This may be a very strange sounding franchise, but it can also be extremely profitable. Geese Police uses trained border collies to keep geese out of golf courses, public parks, and corporate properties. The franchise will even provide you with the dogs you’ll need to start your business. It’s a simple and safe way for property owners to get rid of geese and other pests.