Opening a franchise doesn’t mean you have to break the bank  — in fact there are plenty of franchise opportunities under 10k available to you.


If you dream of being your own boss but don’t want to dream big without spending big, take a look at the following franchises that will earn you maximum profits with minimal costs.



Min Investment: $7,250
Bar-B-Clean was founded by Bryan Weinstein in early 2011. With tireless effort, development of a thorough cleaning process, effective marketing plans and a passion for educating the public on the many benefits of a clean barbecue, Bar-B-Clean built its local client base and became profitable very quickly. This home-based business is one of the top franchise opportunities under 10K, so no office space or office related expenses are necessary. In addition, all required equipment will fit in whatever vehicle you are currently using, so there is no need for a company car or truck. Bar-B-Clean’s initial investment is low enough so that your break-even point will be much sooner than you think. With their extensive training, efficient cleaning process, marketing materials and franchisee support, you can be out cleaning and making money within a month of signing your franchise agreement.


Urban Vendor

Min Investment: $10,000
Since early 2010, Urban Vendor has been a pioneer in the healthy vending industry by offering guilt-free snacks, beverages and care products in earth-friendly KarmaBoxes. Their all-inclusive vending package allows independent operators to live their day-to-day lives with little interruption from their vending unit, known as a KarmaBox, business. When you become an Urban Vendor independent operator, you will be working with KarmaBox Consultants before, during and after your investment to help grow your healthy vending business. By choosing Urban Vendor as your healthy vending platform, you are well on your way to becoming your own boss in an untapped field with high growth potential.



Min Investment: $3,000
A Cleantastic cleaning franchise is your own commercial cleaning business with experienced help. When you purchase a franchise you get the right to use the Cleantastic commercial cleaning business system, their name, support and technical expertise. You will receive comprehensive training, equipment, uniforms, business cards and manuals. In fact everything you need to get started including a client base. You choose the size of the package (guaranteed work) you would like to start with. You have many options. You could purchase a lawn mowing franchise, a window cleaning franchise or a car cleaning franchise — and these are all sound franchising opportunities. With a Cleantastic franchise you’ll see the many lifestyle benefits and financial opportunities offered to our franchise owners.


Space Walk

Min Investment: $3,500
Space Walk, America’s leading provider of inflatable fun, has over 40 years of experience unlocking the success of people like you across the United States. With our Partner Program, Space Walk will put you into business for yourself and commit long term to helping you become a success in your community. We’re the inventors of the inflatable amusement industry and have already helped many families and individuals just like you across the country. When you become a space walk partner you will receive: inflatables to rent in your community, you do not have to purchase the equipment; some Space Walk partners have over $200,000 worth of equipment that Space Walk provided; a custom designed computer program for taking reservations; a business license — no cost to you because Space Walk pays for it; and more.


Sprayless Scratch Repair

Min Investment: $8,995
Sprayless Scratch Repair’s patented process is more than 18 years proven. Dealerships and retail customers rely on SSR for expert repairs on chips, scratches and blemishes in their car’s paint. Now, SSR offers a highly profitable incremental income stream, for existing business’ as well as new independent business entrepreneurs, offering an opportunity to start up quickly and effectively. The “SSR System” includes all the training and tools necessary for you to become part of the largest network of after market car care providers in the world, leading the industry in cosmetic appearance service contracts offered by automotive dealerships throughout the United States. Their system is designed for Aftermarket Car Care Professionals with an existing touchup or spray system as an introduction to the huge benefits of owning an SSR system. The system comes with 18 SSR colors and will repair 100% of the colors you will come across on a daily basis. The system contents have the ability to return over $25,000 in repairs. However, the SSR support doesn’t end once you’ve purchased your system. Ongoing support continues to be available to you by phone or by a trainer visiting your site.



Min Investment: $4,650
If you are looking for one of today’s top franchise opportunities under 1oK while offering unlimited earning potential, Hygienitech Mattress and Upholstery Cleaning and Sanitizing Systems might be for you. The USA-made and patented Hygienitech system uses incredible suction, high frequency pulsating ultrasonic waves combined with a powerful UV-C germicidal light to destroy and eradicate dust mites, bacteria, common viruses, mold and mildew, fungal spores and other harmful allergens and unhealthy contaminants that accumulate in mattresses, upholstered items, pillows, curtains, carpeting, draperies, children’s toys, as well as on the hard surfaces in homes, hotels or any type of multi-bed facility. And it’s all accomplished with an environmentally friendly, dry and chemical-free process. Once your customers see how unhealthy and contaminated their mattress is from the free 3-minute dust mite and allergen detection test that you provide, the rest is easy. Soon, you’ll be doing all the mattresses and just about everything else in their house or multi-bed facility on a regular basis.

kinderdance international-franchise

Kinderdance International

Min Investment: $10,000
Kinderdance is the original worldwide dance, motor development, gymnastics and fitness program that combines academic readiness skills which are specifically designed for children ages 2 to 12. What makes Kinderdance unique is that all of their programs incorporate educational concepts in a developmentally designed curriculum that teaches to the total child. They place special emphasis on building “Self Confidence” and “Self-Esteem” in young children. Franchisees offer Kinderdance’s innovative “education through dance” programs to thousands of children across North America, teaching at YMCAs, churches, public and private school systems, military bases and community centers, in addition to preschools and child-care centers.

national tax office-franchise

National Tax Office

Min Investment: $799
If you aspire to open your own tax preparation business, you probably already know that building a business independently can be difficult. At the same time, franchising through a larger company can quickly become costly. Fortunately, National Tax Office solves both of these problems — helping you to build out your business under a trusted and established name while offering competitive pricing and revenue splitting. When you work with NTO, you never have to worry about costly initial investments or ongoing obligations. Their investment requirements are reasonable, and they work closely with you to find terms that you can meet. National Tax Office is prepared to work with most aspiring entrepreneurs, regardless of background, and can provide economical solutions to help you launch your tax preparation business.


Launch Homecare

Min Investment: $5,000
Launch Homecare has combined two businesses into one. Explode your earning potential by using this innovative business model and providing both home care and assisted living placement services to your clients. The “60 Days to Launch” product is a starter-package designed to help you plan and prepare for the launch of your home care and assisted living placement company. Understanding the industry and having a realistic and strategic plan is crucial to your future success. This product is designed to get you started in the right direction. Their VIP Package, as seen below, is where you’ll find the entire collection of our resources, tools, software, and LIVE training but we really believe that the first step in your journey as a successful entrepreneur in this industry is understanding the basics, putting together a plan of action, and then preparing for the launch of your new business.


Captain Tony’s Pizza

Min Investment: $10,000
In 1972, Antonio Martella opened the first Captain Tony’s Pizza & Pasta Emporium in the fine state of New York. The family decided to share this great pizza with the world by expanding into a franchise in 1985. Now, Captain Tony’s Pizza and Pasta Emporium is leading the way in pizza franchise opportunities under 10K. Their restaurant specializes in dine-in, take-out and delivery of mouth-watering gourmet pizzas, operating from a minimum amount of space. Captain Tony’s Pizza is offered to customers in the “Anyway you want it” system, allowing them to eat a pizza the way they want it, choosing from a variety of pizza toppings and combinations. Equipment costs are low and leasehold improvements will vary depending on whether you have a full-service, dine-in restaurant or a take-out and delivery unit.


Golf Tournament Outfitters

Min Investment: $3,900
Golf Tournament Outfitters is an 11-year-old company offering a turn-key marketing business which supplies gift items and facilitates on-course contests for charity golf tournaments. This is a work-from-home seasonal business, so they also sell member perks to membership groups and fundraising incentive items to non-profit organizations. This can be a great part-time income opportunity for someone who might be retired, or you can work this business full-time throughout the year. It is your choice, since there are no sales quotas and it is your business to run. Expect annual full-time income up to $50,000. They provide a connect-the-dots marketing and sales plan along with the sales tools and forms you will need to solicit charity golf event directors. They also provide training to get you started and follow-up support as long as you need it and will supply you with office support and drop-ship all products directly to your customers.



Min Investment: $5,000
As the $49 billion dollar commercial and residential cleaning business grows and continues to prove to be virtually recession-proof, now is the perfect time to join the Mopfrog team. Your investment, consisting of Mopfrog products and equipment and allows you to begin marketing to over 20,000 households in your area. These households are likely to use cleaning maid services due to the fact that their average income is over the $75,000 annual income threshold. In addition, as a Mopfrog franchisee, you are offering a Green service that cleans as well or better than other, more traditional, alternative services and provides a non-chemical cleaning environment. This opportunity allows you to set up your Mopfrog location within weeks and begin servicing customer accounts right away. Moreover, the start-up fee is significantly lower as one of the franchise opportunities under 10K, allowing you to use your investment towards growing your business and maximizing profit.


Slip Doctors

Min Investment: $10,000
If you are considering one of the top franchise opportunities under 10K, you owe it to yourself to consider SlipDoctors. SlipDoctors has developed several methods for improving traction on tiles, stone, porcelain, concrete and most other surfaces commonly found on walking surfaces, boat decks, porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs, showers, wood — even synthetic surfaces. They offer packages that are reasonably priced and have a lead generating program that is designed to assist you in getting your business underway in the shortest possible time. Training is available at our headquarters in Carrollton, Texas.

big mouth direct-franchise

Big Mouth Direct

Min Investment: $10,000
When you purchase a Big Mouth Direct franchise, you will have a business to sell low-cost digital business solutions to small- to medium-sized businesses in an exclusive territory and make a lot of money. You will offer search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click, social media, reputation management, website design and development, email and text marketing and other digital business solutions. It’s easy — every small business needs to increase their presence on the Internet, drive traffic, convert the traffic to leads and the leads to sales. This is truly one of today’s franchise opportunities under 10k. You’ll be selling digital business solutions within 30 days. In 2013, e-commerce on the Internet surpassed $1 trillion. All forecasts predict continued growth and incredible opportunity for Internet marketing, advertising and other digital business solutions. Big Mouth Direct can get you up and running, making money fast.

Vernon Street Capital-franchise

Vernon Street Capital

Min Investment: $4,995
Vernon Street Capital started off as a very successful and reputable mortgage brokerage firm based in California. The company’s founder, who has over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry, has trained over 1,000 new loan originators and has founded several mortgage companies in the Sacramento region. Vernon Street Capital has since created a comprehensive training program that enables individuals, with no background in the financial services industry, to market a comprehensive portfolio of lending programs to individuals looking to obtain financing for homes, commercial property and businesses. Vernon Street Capital is offering an opportunity to qualified individuals to become Affiliates of their organization. Their Affiliates have the opportunity to participate in one of the country’s largest and most lucrative industries. At the same time, their Affiliates are able to pursue the American dream of owning their own company, improving the quality of their daily lives and achieving financial independence.


US Lighting Group

Min Investment: $10,000
The US government reports that over 80% of the commercial buildings in the US have not yet done a lighting retrofit. Along with tremendous savings, these retrofits offer the building owner or tenant tax benefits and local power company incentives. US Lighting Group manufactures a new innovative LED light that is even more energy-efficient than standard LED lights. The products they manufacture are for use in commercial buildings. US Lighting Group needs distributors who can talk to electricians, electrical contractors, building owners and others about doing a retrofit to their building, office, store, warehouse or factory with new LED lights. They will benefit through significant savings and you will benefit from considerable profits.

Wildlife X Team-franchise

Wildlife X Team

Min Investment: $10,000
Wildlife X Team is an emerging leader in urban wildlife control and leaders in developing a wildlife control franchise, with emphasis on repairs, prevention and control with a commitment to the humane treatment of wildlife. The Wildlife X Team expects to rapidly become the leader in the market it serves. Its team of well-trained, experienced wildlife specialists are backed by high-quality marketing and administrative systems which you can take advantage of when you have your own Wildlife X Team Franchise. Owning and operating a Wildlife X Team Franchise is an opportunity to participate in the nuisance wildlife management industry which can be both enjoyable and profitable. Franchise owners can develop the independence associated with small business ownership while certain services are provided by the franchisor in a Wildlife X Team Franchise.


Silbar Security

Min Investment: $10,000
Silbar Security is a security franchise system specializing in on-site security officers and roving vehicle patrol services, with decades of experience in the security and law enforcement fields. They are proud to offer real law enforcement based services, and technology, to clients. From the start, Silbar Security has been aggressively changing the way people think about security. From security officers equipped with body-worn video cameras and our exclusive state-of-the-art reporting software to our professionally marked patrol vehicles, Silbar Security has taken the industry to the next level with affordable security services and exceptional customer support. As a Silbar Security franchisee, you’ll bring law enforcement grade products and services to local customers.


Health Plus Marketing

Min Investment: $10,000
Health Plus Marketing offers four primary benefits for your investment. They include: their portfolio of products and services; the Vendor License Agreements to market them; a Protected Territory in which to run your business; and training and support to help you become successful. Their products and services range from specialized Pharmaceuticals applications, to Patient Financing. Since there are so many products and services available to be marketed, each new Distributor starts with a portfolio of 3-5 products and services that are very easy to sell. The Master License Agreements provide you with a written contract which allows you to promote the Vendor products in their portfolio. With these agreements, you will be compensated at the highest levels offered, and each vendor will take responsibility of supporting you with their products.