Are you interested in opening a business and looking for a great new franchise? In the past, people looking for franchises would have to attend big trade shows and expos where they were bombarded by hundreds of different franchises opportunities all at once. For someone who was unsure what type of franchise they were looking for, this was a quick way to get oriented with many different types of businesses, but it has never been the most efficient use of your time and money.


Franchise development has changed drastically in the last 20 years. While these big shows still exist and can still be useful, there are many new ways to connect with franchisors and learn about these business opportunities. Here are four of the new strategies that franchises are using to connect with people like you and show you the value of their businesses.

1. Local and Community Events

Many marketing experts believe that people are starting to look for a balance between online interactions and personal, community-driven interactions. The last decade has seen an explosion in the number of farmers markets, art fairs, cultural events and community celebrations.

These types of events are increasing most noticeably in the largest and trendiest cities, but it would be a mistake to believe that the same things aren’t happening in smaller towns and suburban areas. Franchises are now using these events to get to know the community and reach out to new potential franchisees. These environments provide a friendly, low-pressure atmosphere to learn about a franchise.

2. Wellness Movements and Messaging

Over time, we have seen health and wellness become trendier and trendier across the country. While different diet fads come and go, the fixation with wellness has not changed. More franchises are using this messaging to show customers and franchisees that they are interested in providing products and services that promote good health and creating a working environment that is healthy and balanced. If wellness is important to you, keep this in mind as you learn about and communicate with franchisors.

3. Mobile Marketing

The number of people using smartphones to research and learn about businesses continues to grow, and franchises are responding. The top franchises are making sure that their website and services are optimized for use by mobile phones and tablets, and they are trying to ensure that potential franchisees get a great marketing experience whether they are using their computer or their phone. When researching different franchises, be sure to check out their websites and materials on your phone. Franchises that are not yet optimized for mobile may be less tech-savvy and slower to adapt than others.

4. YouTube

Though it feels like YouTube has been around forever, it’s been only recently that franchises have used YouTube as a major part of their marketing strategy. The average age of a YouTuber continues to increase, and franchises are now using it to communicate and advertise to potential partners. You can learn a lot about a franchise on its YouTube page, so don’t forget to take a look!