6 Must-Have Resources for Your Home Office

6 Must Have Resources for your Home Office

Years ago, working from home was not an option due to the mere fact that all of your necessary files were usually kept somewhere else. Times have quickly changed, however, and there is now a plethora of resources available to individuals that want to work out of a home office.

You can stay connected with suppliers and clients around the globe, literally from wherever you are.

Here are 6 must-have resources for your home office set up:


1. Strong Router — You want to amplify your Internet signal throughout the house to avoid frustration for both yourself and your clients. A more active Internet connection enables you to conduct video conferences with ease, in addition to many other types of online collaboration that take place in the course of a business day. This can all be done without having to worry about bothersome interruptions due to your Internet connection cutting out on you.

2. Boost Your Cellular Signal As Well — In the digital age, if you are a business owner, your clients will expect to reach you whenever possible. To remain accessible while you are out and about, the mobile phone is your best option. It does little good, however, if you keep losing a signal. An excellent microcell tool can boost your cell phone up to five bars of coverage, no matter where you might be in the house.

3. Create Your Own Personal Cloud — Commonly referred to as a wormhole device, this tool enables two computers to work together. It even allows a Mac and PC to speak to one another by connecting them together via a simple USB cable. Users on both computers can copy and paste files to their heart’s content, making work that much more productive.


4. Print Right From Your Mobile Device — You no longer need to transfer files from your phone or tablet to your computer. You can quite easily use a wireless-enabled printer to send data from your mobile device to the printer with ease. When these devices first came out, they were rather costly. The good news is that they have become much more affordable today, with some all-in-one devices now on the market for under $250.

5. Combine Your Various Calling Devices — Home business owners often make and receive calls from a combination of mobile phones, Internet-based applications and landline telephones. These can all be bridged together into one device that allows you to switch between each. Calisto Pro is a good model for roughly $280.

6. Be Ready to Charge Those Devices — As a home-based business owner, you may find that there are days when you are constantly on the go. At the same time, you need to be accessible via your mobile devices, and you need to get work done on the computer. Batteries only last so long, and then they need to be charged, but outlets are most difficult to find when you need them most. Buy a mobile device charger and that issue will be solved.

These  resources will go a long way towards better equipping your home office for the modern demands of a technological age.