The fitness industry is booming across America. You might not realize this, but such a business can now be run almost entirely from your home, and even on a part-time basis. Anytime Fitness is one such franchise that makes this possible, and they have a proven track record within the industry.

How Has Anytime Fitness Grown?

Anytime Fitness is predicated upon the notion that Americans are looking for convenience and affordability in nearly every area of their lives. This includes the fitness realm. Americans want to workout, but they often do not have the time to do so. Even those that do have the time often find that there simply is not a gym conveniently located near enough to them to make it worth their while.


Anytime Fitness has capitalized upon this need by creating smaller fitness facilities in strategically located places around the country. They each utilize a proprietary access software system that has enhanced security and surveillance technology. This means that owners are allowed to operate a fitness club that is safe and secure, without them having to be physically present all of the time. At the same time, customers are granted 24/7 access to the club of their choice, many of which are strategically located in or near neighborhoods. Since they first opened in 2002, Anytime Fitness has now opened more than 2,500 franchises in America, and they are operating in all 50 states. They have since branched out into the international market as well, making this an even more attractive franchise to consider investing in.

Is Anytime Fitness Affordable as a Franchise?

This is always a tricky question to answer, but it is helpful to note that Anytime Fitness has been rated amongst the top low-cost franchise options in the country. It has been discovered that club owners typically have a positive return on their investment much more quickly than franchisees in other similarly positioned industries. They do have an initial franchise fee, in addition to some ongoing monthly fees, but they are quite affordable. They also provide the option of leasing fitness equipment, as opposed to purchasing outright, to fit within the budget of the individual wanting to open a club. You are also given the option of spreading out the equipment costs to be incorporated into your overall monthly expenses.

What About Support?

Anytime Fitness offers support through the entire process and beyond. In fact, they openly advertise that their training program never stops. They have franchise coaches, in addition to other members of their corporate staff, and both groups are always available to assist club owners. They are continually upgrading their training program, and they look for creative ways to reach even more customers as modern trends dictate. They provide startup support, ongoing support, and national branding and marketing support as well.


Remember that people will likely always be interested in fitness. The more accessible and convenient you can make the club, the more likely they are to join. Anytime Fitness certainly seems to fit that mold.