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Start Your Own On-Demand Pet Walking Business

I have a friend, let’s call her Colleen. She’s been down on her luck the past few years and has not been able to catch a break. Divorced, lost her job, 16 year old son causing her grief – I’m sure you get the picture. Colleen has always worked for someone else and she is tired, frustrated, pushing 43 and looking for a better way to live.

Now before you go feeling too badly for Colleen I should mention that a few years ago she was involved in a lawsuit in the apartment building she lived in. I think you could say her landlord was the unscrupulous kind and was raising rents against rent control laws. Colleen filed a lawsuit and was awarded $10,000. She came to me looking for a home based business idea she could afford.

Colleen does not have a college degree. She has worked in customer service most of her career and her technology skills consist of using Facebook and her iPhone. She is also a dog lover and outspoken advocate for K-9’s everywhere. Aha, I have it! Colleen should open a dog walking franchise. I researched a few and discovered they either cost upwards of $10k or were not selling franchises in her area. My next thought was for her to join an On-demand service app and become a dog walker.

I did a bit more research and found www.rover.com and www.wagwalking.com. Both are dog walking On-demand service apps. Rover’s website proudly states, “Start your own dog walking business.” They also reveal their dog walkers keep 80% of the revenue they earn plus tips. I was excited and told Colleen, “You should start your own On-demand pet walking business.” She didn’t even know that existed, was excited and applied on both websites.

As I researched more I discovered www.petchecktechnology.com. This software is for the next step in a pet walking business. It helps pet walking/sitting entrepreneurs start and run their own business. The software tracks customers, books appointments and schedules dog walker employees so owners can concentrate on growing the business. If you are thinking of starting your own pet walking business, it is worth checking out.

The On-demand world is exciting and is growing quickly. It allows a way for you to start your business on a small scale, without spending a lot (or any) money. You just sign up on the app, get vetted and trained and you are in business.

Let me know your thoughts. I wish you the absolute best of luck. Laurie

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