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6 Excellent Low Cost Business Ideas


I have learned one of the most important things about starting a new business is to just get going. You can personally get so tied up in the planning stage that it can be paralyzing. Not to mention that everyone you tell your business idea to will undoubtedly have a negative comment to make. It’s not that they don’t believe in you. Rather, it is the fear inside of them that they project onto you; in an attempt to spare you from the failure they fear themselves.start-button-600x600

It’s not that I think planning is not very important because it is. I just also know that sometimes you need to make a decision, plan as best as you can and launch. If you wait until you know everything, you may never get going. There will be a million things you do not know out of the gate. That is ok. As you get going you will figure them out along the way.

I know for many, cash (or lack of it) can always be a problem. So, here is a list of 6 excellent, low cost business ideas to help you out. All of these business ideas can be started with a minimal investment.

6 Ideas for starting your business

In order to start a low-budget business you may have to look deep inside yourself. What are you good at? What do you like to do? What can you do that you maybe take for granted that others cannot do so easily?

I also want to mention that starting a service based business is usually the way to go when you don’t have a lot of capital.

#1: Check out

This is a site where people go to get help with everything you can imagine. You can hire a web designer, logo artist, marketing assistant and a virtual assistant. It’s amazing. Check out this website and see what services people are listing. Do you have one of those skills? Are you a great writer for instance? If so, list your services on this website and watch your business grow.

writing#2 Become an Essay, Report or Resume Writer

This is another great work from home business. You might be a freelancer helping students with their college papers. If you are a good writer, do you know that people will pay for essay writing. They will also hire you for term papers, resume’s, e-books, marketing copy, web content and more. You might also do proof reading and editing. You just need to make yourself available to them and let your excellent grammar skills be your guide.

#3 Start A Cleaning Business with Flair   cleaning1

Are you an organized person and love to clean? I know not everyone is or does, but if you are, this could be the business to open. It costs very little to start and almost everyone wants someone to clean their home for them. I realize this industry can be competitive but don’t let that stop you. Offer more services to your clients For instance, don’t just clean, offer laundry, dog walking and shopping services as well. Another way to get ahead of the competition is by using SuperSaaS, an affordable cleaning management service. This service will handle bookings and automated reminders for your clients and employees, allowing you to focus more on the services you offer.

Make yourself stand out from the crowd and you will start this company for very little money.

#4 Start A Blog

I know everyone and their brother is starting a blog right now. You may be an advanced blog reader or completely unsure of what a blog even is. Either way, it is really just an online journal that you can start for under $100. This is not a “make money quick” opportunity but it could be very good for someone who really has something to say. Did something happen to you that you feel could really help others to know about? Do you have a great niche idea that you think would make a great blog? If so, you can purchase a domain name, host your site and start blogging most likely all in the same day. Making money with this takes time. You need to collect email addresses, create a following and then you can begin to sell products on your blog, add affiliate marketing and so on. Of course all of this is work and it won’t happen overnight but it could be something to start while you are employed and work your way to financial freedom.

Power wash deck image
power wash deck image

#5 Become A Power Washer

This is a business that requires a bit more capital, but it is still affordable compared to most other businesses. You can even rent your equipment in the beginning to help you get started. Every shopping center, apartment building and commercial business (even some residential) can use a good power washer. Make up some flyers and go out and meet the property managers in person. Don’t be afraid to offer a discount the first time or something to get you in the door. Once there, do a great job and you will surely earn their business. What’s more, ask if they own or manage other properties you could clean or know of someone else who could use your service. That is the best way to get in the door – through a recommendation or personal referral

#6 List Yourself on Amazon

Click Image

I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST:  For those of you who have not seen Amazon Services yet it is an amazing thing. A few months ago I used it for the first time. I was having trouble with my computer and I needed help. I went onto Amazon services and with the click of a button I had scheduled a computer repair man. I used to have to take my computer in and be without it for a few days and was charged a minimum of $75 just to diagnose it. Repair costs were more.

This time however, with the click of a button, I ordered my repair through Amazon. The repair guy emailed and then texted me almost immediately. He remotely logged into my computer, diagnosed and repaired it – all in less than 20 minutes. He charged me $45. He was great and I’m pretty sure, because he was doing it from home, that he was helping other people at the same time he was helping me.

I was in heaven. I immediately told my mom and had him repair her computer too. I was so happy with the service I played around on the Amazon website more and found that you can also order: house cleaning, furniture assembly, bbq set up, odd jobs, painting, moving, oil changes, windshield repair, aerial tv installation, a photographer, point of sale installation, plumbing, logo creation and so on – again, all with the click of a button. Amazon has all your info so it is almost too easy to order.

Then I thought… what an excellent way for someone to start their own business using Amazon. Can you deliver things for people, set up furniture, repair computers, set up a computer or point of sale system or do an odd job? CHECK OUT AMAZON SERVICES HERE and if you don’t have an Amazon account, make sure you open one. Under your Account Tab, look for Amazon Home Services and see what services are being offered. Next, list yourself with amazon as a service provider and you will be on your way. Amazing!!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t get hung up on analysis-paralysis. Check out any one of these great ideas and let me know how it’s going. Contact me directly at [email protected]