How Important Is Your Office Printer?

Every business has to save money where it can and these days this seems more important than ever. I have a pretty small office and recently needed a new copy machine. I upgraded to a Canon and I can’t say enough nice things about it. I have discovered the equipment I use makes a dramatic difference on my daily productivity and efficiency levels.

printerHow much space do you have?

If you are in the market for new equipment, first assess how much space you have. Today, there are many small machines that can fit into a modest size office and do a heck of a lot of work. I would highly recommend a multi-functional machine – especially if you are short on space.

One machine to look at is Canon’s PIXMA 6850. They are affordable and offer a scanner, printer and photocopier all in one compact case. This gadget is an absolute workhorse. It is one of the smallest printers on the market yet it can do everything you need it to do. It is wireless which is a MUST these days. This means you can send documents back and forth wherever you are and however far you are from your office. I love this!

You’ll find it’s easy to use

The PIXMA 6850 has a 7.5cm colour touchscreen, which makes it easy to do what you need to do – just a few swipes and taps will do the job. The screen also makes it simple to navigate the printer’s menu – it’s based on the kind of intuitive menu you’ll find on a smartphone, so you can be up and running within minutes of plugging it in the first time.

You’ll look like a professional photographer

This printer uses Canon’s FINE technology and can produce professional-quality photos that look great. The photo detail is great with deep blacks and intense reds that make your photos look tremendous. It prints great photos in 41 seconds or less.

You can replace individual cartridges when they run out

This is the best feature – you can replace any of the 5 cartridges separately as they run out. Not only does this save money but it also saves the environment. It also accepts XL cartridges which is a must have if you are doing a lot of printing.

printer1One last thing

You can set the printer to automatically print on both sides so you don’t spend as much on paper – what’s not to love?

So how important is your office printer? VERY as far as I am concerned. Having a good one can save you lots of time and money and make your work life much more productive. Of course there are many great printers on the market today – at a fraction of the cost of what they once were. I recommend you do a little research, select an “all in one” style as they are amazing. Look for features that allow you to send things to your office printer from your cell phone – while you are out at a coffee shop or a business meeting. All in all, make your life a whole lot easier.

You can also check out the high-quality printer from HP, which uses the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Printer Ink.

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