Digital Marketing Trends For Self-Employed Musicians & Artists

Of course being an Artist and/or Musician is a magical form of self-employment. The truth is, those forms may be some of the most difficult out there – in terms of self-promotion.

Promotion is the key and for many artists, they may not have time or the skills to do so. Yet in today’s modern world, it is more and more critical to understand digital marketing and promotion.

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The Global Picture

There are almost three billion people – which equates to 40 percent of the population of the world – that are currently using the internet. By the close of 2014, the total number of internet users reached over three billion. Two thirds of the users of the internet come from the developing world. In the various developing countries, the total number of users of the internet will have doubled in just five years from 974 million in 2009 up to 1.9 billion in 2014.

Devices for Accessing the Internet

One of the biggest changing factors in digital marketing is how people access the internet. In the past, PC computers were the most popular option for accessing the web; however, this number is quickly falling, while the use of smartphones is steadily increasing. The ‘proof is in the pudding:’

  • PC/Laptop access – 91 percent
  • Smartphone access – 80 percent
  • Tablet access – 47 percent
  • Games console – 37 percent

There are other options of newer technology that are being used to access the internet including a smart wristband, smart watch and smart TV. While these are small users in the grand scheme, things are changing fast and so they should be considered when developing a digital marketing strategy.

The Lifecycle of Customer Engagement

The purpose of a strong digital marketing strategy is to grow customer engagement. The reach your brand, product or service has determines traffic and profits. A properly planned and executed digital marketing agency can also help you to grow your audience.

As an Artist and Musician, you already know how important it is to take the steps necessary to reach your customers or audience. Your next step now is to create an effective digital marketing strategy, be consistent and find your way to success.


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