3 Tips to Gain Brand Authenticity and Why It’s So Important

Branding, advertising, and overall marketing for your business is a tricky field to navigate, but when implemented correctly it’s a proven way to connect with your consumers and even reach out to potential leads. As the public become more aware of advertising techniques, the demand for authenticity increases.

But what is brand authenticity? Why should it play such a heavy part in your branding and advertising process? The truth of it all is that customers no longer enjoy being advertised to in a pushy manner. Nowadays, pushing products or services under the nose of your customer is more likely to turn them away than bring them in.


Engage with customers

Brands now have to look towards engaging with their customers and creating a connection with them that goes further than just a hard sell. Appealing to customers naturally is one of the best ways to create a sense of authenticity, which can, in turn, bring you trust and loyalty from your audience.

By understanding your customers, you are able to engage with them on a much more personal level creating a stronger connection and providing a quality service tailored specifically to them. Often when customers feel appreciated by a brand, they are more likely to invest and continue doing business with them.


How do you achieve brand authenticity?

Consider your brand image. This is crucial to your brand as its how you are perceived by the public; both your existing customers and potential leads who are considering you. Your target audience conjures up particular attitudes and beliefs based on the brand image that you put out.

What’s more, your brand is open to more scrutiny than ever before. Thanks to the increase in mobile internet and social media, customers have multiple platforms to view your business and gain an understanding of what you are all about. The first step in authenticity is to be consistent across the board, with a coherent message that is put across in a way that represents your brand perfectly.

Know what you stand for, understand your customers and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Be an advocate of your own brand

Someone who genuinely believes in a brand and trusts it will no doubt end up spreading the word and evoking other people to get involved. But while word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools around, it’s not always a guarantee.

Utilizing other marketing methods, such as promotional products, can push your brand forward in a subtle manner. Targeting the right customers with perfectly suited marketing campaigns is a strong way to show people that you are there. Whether it’s a small logo on the travel mug you use for your daily commute, or a smart, branded laptop bag; you are dropping hints and creating intrigue that could cause people to search for your business.

90% of the top 100 brands lost category shares last year. This was down to a lack of trust and authenticity amongst brands and customers. Authenticity even proved to be a more important factor to customers than product quality.

It’s clear that honesty and transparency goes a long way when it comes to branding. Trust can hugely impact a company’s bottom line. For example, McDonald’s earned credibility by revealing its ingredients.

To start your journey of creating an authentic brand, all you need is a few cleverly branded promotional products. Contact Outstanding Branding.