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Let Jean-Claude Van Damme Motivate You to be a Success

Let Jean-Claude Van Damme Motivate You to be a Success

I am just one of those people that is constantly trying to stay motivated. I love business and working hard but some days are just not as good as others – and that’s the way it is.

Ryan found Jean-Claude’s words to be very uplifting and inspiring and I did too. I watched the entire video and honestly, Jean Claude seems to say something I have always felt. Most successful people are that way because they DIDN’T know they could not do something. In other words, they just did it, figured it out and found success. They didn’t listen to all the educators and naysayers that told them they could not be successful. They didn’t necessarily follow the rules or the guidelines. They just thought something and then went out and did it. He could not be more right.

In fact, most of the people I know, who are successful and running their own show, are that way precisely because they did NOT let anyone tell them they could not find success that way. That doesn’t mean no one told them no. It simply means they did not listen.

I agree with Jean-Claude 100%. Don’t ever let anyone stop you from following your dreams. As he says in his video, “You have to do whatever it takes, as long as you are not hurting anyone.”

Here is a short paragraph Ryan Oakley about how he was motivated by Jean-Claude Van Damme in the following YouTube video.


Source: Ryan Oakley

I just watched this incredibly uplifting speech made by world famous Action Movie Star Jean Claude Van Damme and it deeply moved me to get off my butt and move forward to create my own success story by making even more money online! Everybody who is looking to create their own home business should take a look at this video and really push forward your plans for your own home business success story!

We hope you will watch for yourself and leave comments!!


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