4 Big Benefits of Social Media For Business

Most of us have business Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts which are separate from our personal ones. It is quite common to see brands sharing news, tweeting about current events and engaging in conversations with their target audiences on social media channels. For some of us this may seem intrusive. However, for businesses, this medium is a great platform to engage customers and get exposure to new audiences.

Social media provides great entertainment and often distracts us. However, from a professional point of view, it poses some questions too. You might think of it in terms of getting a return on your investment of your time and money. When we talk about social media marketing, you should be able to justify the money involved. Whether you get great Instagram rates or a viable Facebook campaign deal, even the top most brands with a great fan following and engagement need to fight it out to stay competitive.

Social media is the most sought-after marketing channel nowadays. Therefore, it only makes sense for modern marketers to want to establish a relevant presence.

Here are some big benefits of social media for businesses.

#1 Brand Awareness

When you have a clear and relevant presence on social media, it becomes easier for your customers to find and connect with you. Social media can help you with generating organic brand awareness. You are more likely to increase customer retention and be assured of brand loyalty.

When you create brand identity, it builds credibility and enables you to share your brand message across several platforms in a coherent and unified form. This brand consistency is the key for building a reputed brand and business. Use the same logo, brand colors, description and links to your website. Then you can create and sustain a credible online presence.

#2 Superior Customer Service

Social media is all about interaction and striking conversations. With such a platform, you have an opportunity to surprise and delight your existing and potential customers. Engage and interact with them. Also, be responsive and ensure effectual service at all times.

When your followers pose questions or comment on your posts, respond in a timely and knowledgeable way. This conveys your dedication to superior customer experience and satisfaction. When you deliver excellent customer service, you generate attention and spread positive messages. This kind of engagement fosters loyalty and solidifies a positive image and impression in your customer’s minds. This can be invaluable.


#3 Lead Generation

Every post that you make on social media is an opportunity to convert. When you build a fan following, you have access to new and old customers. Plus, you can interact with them all. Every blog post or video shared gives your target audience the ability to react, comment and post their views. Any one of these can lead you towards a conversion. It is not necessary that every interaction leads to a conversion. However, a positive interaction can definitely increase the likelihood of an eventual conversion. Opportunities that you can find on social media networks are huge. With great Instagram rates and amazing advertising deals on Facebook you get a lot of opportunities for exposure.

#4 Better Search Engine Rankings

Social media has a direct impact on website traffic and search rankings. On most of the social media profiles, you will find that businesses list their website URLs. This ensures that visitors do not have to look for a website link.

When you are aiming to divert more traffic to your website or blog, increased activity helps search engines find your website effectively. We know that Google’s algorithm continuously evolves. This allows Google to extract spam websites and rank websites that are legitimate. Regardless, when you include social media in your marketing strategy, you positively influence search rankings. When you’re active on social media, search engines determine that your brand is credible and trustworthy.

Final Thoughts

Social media when done right can lead to more customers, traffic and more conversions. What’s more it is certainly here to stay. The longer you wait to act upon it, the more you have to lose. Especially for a small business, leveraging the power of social media is a good investment to make. The tremendous upside is that it can translate to brand awareness and maximum exposure.