Turn to SMS for Both Routine Tasks and Irresistible Marketing Solutions

Turn to SMS for Both Routine Tasks and Irresistible Marketing Solutions

If you’re like most business owners, managing resources in your company is not an easy task. And when resources seem scarce, effective marketing can fall by the wayside.

You’re probably looking for ways in which to promote your company and at the same time reduce costs. Have you ever considered reconfiguring your business model to become more efficient? Believe it or not, much of your daily routine, including managing internal human resources, can be reduced to well managed computerized activities.

And if you can free up your time and resources in these ways, you will be able to focus on developing a cost-effective and compelling marketing plan.

There are solutions available. INTIS telecom, for instance, at intistele.com, has developed unique software that can help you to manage your business.




Managing Your Business by SMS

SMS stands for “short message service.” Most of us use SMS routinely when we send texts to our friends and family. But have you ever considered that you can also use SMS for your business?

One of the ways in which you can do this is by requesting feedback in SMS form from your employees and customers. Instant feedback will help you to refine your products and services on the go.

You’ll provide better customer service for your clients and customers in this way. When you can answer customers’ comments, queries, and concerns within minutes instead of within days or weeks, they’ll feel more rapport with you and your company. In this way, SMS can represent a happy marriage between customer service and effective marketing.

Additionally, your employees will feel well taken care of when they know that they can reach you at a moment’s notice. You can provide them with the guidance they need, even when you’re traveling. You’ll have more peace of mind, too, just knowing that you can reach your employees—and they can reach you—at a moment’s notice.

With SMS you can share business ideas with your team and optimize your business model on the go. Your business need never again suffer from a lack of your attention.


Use SMS for Marketing, Too

Smartphones now outnumber standard computers by 4 to 1. What does this mean in terms of your marketing? It means that your customers are nearly always on their phones. And if you want customers to pay attention to your marketing, that’s where your marketing messages need to be.

This is where SMS comes in.

Just as SMS makes it easy for your customers to reach you, so also does it make it easy for you to reach them. What’s more, a text message will most likely be seen as a friendly suggestion rather than an intrusion. Again, you’re keeping things cordial and sociable with SMS, and your customers’ loyalty to your brand will be sure to grow as a result.

And the best part? Marketing by SMS is far less expensive than most other methods.



A Multi-Purpose SMS

In the world of rapidly evolving technologies, SMS is a new tool that will help you to save time on routine business tasks. What’s more, it can make your marketing efforts more successful, too.

If this sounds like something your business could use, look for a telecom company that will help you to set your SMS system up in ways that work for you. You will need a telecom company that can be flexible in terms of setup as well as give you payment terms that suit your budget.


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Keep in mind that you’ll want a service that provides you with mobile marketing advantages as well as ways to stay in touch with your team.

Business has always been a matter of intelligence. Free up your creativity and curiosity by using SMS to take care of your routine tasks. And give your marketing a boost, too, by adding SMS to your marketing plans.