SendPulse Review: 4 Key Reasons to Use Web Push Notifications

SendPulse Review: 4 Key Reasons to Use Web Push Notifications

SendPulse is one of the latest email marketing platforms to enter the market. Despite being new and taking on established players in the market, SendPulse has more than 250,000 active users. Notably, these users include bloggers, business owners, marketers, and large corporations.




The popularity of this innovative marketing tool can be attributed to the fact that the company provides SMS and web push services. What’s more, these offerings are in addition to their flagship email marketing services. Additionally, all of these services are offered at a highly affordable price.

In fact, SendPulse offers a free plan for bulk emailing. Under this plan, users can send 15,000 emails to a subscriber base of 2,500 users. Additionally, there is another free plan for SMTP email service. Under this plan, users can send 12,000 transactional emails. Paid plans start from $9.85/month, making it one of the cheapest email marketing services in the market.


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Web Push Notifications

That being said, affordability is not the only thing SendPulse has going for it. What sets SendPulse apart from other email service providers is a technology called “web push” or “push notifications.”

Simply put, push notifications are in-browser notifications that you can send to users once they opt in.

Here’s what an opt-in notice for push notifications looks like:




It’s an innovative, non-intrusive way of engaging subscribers. You can start using this feature with SendPulse as soon as you register for a free account.

Furthermore, you can personalize your messages and share information with your users. Your messages can include news, sales, your latest blog posts, discounts, or important event updates.

If you have never used them before, here are 4 key reasons why you should seriously consider activating web push notifications for your website:



1. Web Push Makes It Easier for Your Customers to Opt In

Opting in to receive web push notifications is a one-click process. This is a lot easier than the email opt-in process, which requires the user to enter their email address and sometimes even more information.


2. You’ll Drive More Traffic to Your Website

More traffic leads to more subscribers which in turn leads to more revenue. Web push notifications give site owners the ability to drive traffic by encouraging their readers to return to their website.


3. Interact Instantly with Your Customers

A key benefit of using web push notifications is that they demand immediate action on the part of the subscriber. You can use this unique functionality to your advantage. For example, you can send instant content through push notifications. Items like breaking news, event updates, and discounts can go out immediately to your customers who have opted in.

If you were to share this same information through other channels, it would seem dated to readers who might have already read it on other sites. Sent in the form of a web push notification, however, this becomes a digital nudge, encouraging readers to learn more and return to your website.


4. Easy Setup

Setting up and sending web push notifications is as easy as it gets. This is especially true when you use a user-friendly tool like SendPulse. To activate push notifications for your website, simply log in to your SendPulse account. Then, enter your website details and add a line of JavaScript code into your website template before the closing </head> tag.


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Drive Traffic and Boost Engagement

SendPulse combines two of the most potent technologies, email marketing and web push notifications. Consequently, this powerful combination will help you to increase your subscriber count, drive more traffic and boost engagement.