Auto Dealer Chat Software Generates Black Friday Leads

Auto Dealer Chat Software Generates Black Friday Leads

Much depends on this Black Friday. Auto sales have been disappointing and falling after a record-breaking year in 2016. With sales on decline in the summer, you might find yourself reaching for the panic button when it comes to your bottom line. Black Friday and holiday shopping is just around the corner, though, and that means you have one busy season to push through to turn the year around.


How Black Friday Is Different in Car Sales

When it comes to car sales, Black Friday doesn’t work like it does in other industries. For example, you still need leads, even on the busiest shopping day of the year. And shoppers have gotten wise. They know that it’s a silly idea to walk into a dealership on Black Friday without knowing anything about what they want. They do their research ahead of time. Then they find the car they want and wait for Black Friday to take advantage of great bargains. It’s up to you to convince them that your dealership is worth visiting first.




This Year’s Secret Weapon

So, what’s the secret weapon any dealership can introduce to meet their auto sales lead quotas in the lead-up to Black Friday and the busy holiday season? It’s the purpose-built Gubagoo auto dealer chat software.

We’re talking here about a software-as-a-service solution that will bring the world-class customer service you’re known for in the showroom onto your website. It connects your customers 24/7 to trained and professional customer service representatives in a U.S. call center. They have all the information they need about your dealership at their fingertips. They know your inventory, your custom campaigns, and your contact information. Their goal is to turn a web visitor with a question into a lead. They capture contact information and book appointments at your dealership, where your sales team works its magic.

A number of tech features put Gubagoo above and beyond other live chat solutions: its behavioral intelligence system, its active chat, and its integration with your sales team via the ResQ app.



Behavioral intelligence gives auto dealer chat software greater awareness of what’s going on. It tells you who’s visiting your website and for how long. It lets you know what they’ve been looking at. These tell-tale cues give auto dealer chat software operators an idea of what products to recommend and how likely they are to convert.


Active Chat

Too many chat systems wait for the customer to get in touch with you. The new standard in any live chat solution, but especially auto dealer chat software, is active chat. This pushes the start of a conversation when a web visitor looks like they might be seriously looking or want some help. And operators can tell when this is happening, thanks to behavioral intelligence.


ResQ App

The ResQ app used by Gubagoo is a major innovation for auto dealer chat software, and it’s something that’s bound to be imitated. It gives your sales team unprecedented access to the live chats as they happen on auto dealer chat software. They can send private messages to operators or step into conversations themselves. However, they don’t have to constantly monitor auto dealer chat software and respond themselves.

Auto dealer chat software specializes in delivering better inbound leads. But it’s still up to your sales team to convert them, and closer integration helps them do their job.



The Bottom Line: Your Bottom Line

You know how to work your leads, but getting them is the problem. Your bottom line depends on good sales this Black Friday. And you know that the more leads you have, the more sales you can make.