Bill Busbice’s HWY Pro Is the New Uber for Truckers

Bill Busbice’s HWY Pro Is the New Uber for Truckers

You’re exhausted. After spending hours on the phone, trying to schedule a client’s load on your truck, you didn’t close any deals, and your bills are still there beside you, awaiting payment.

You decide to drive to your nearest truck stop. Perhaps you’ll find freights to run for the day. But there are still no clients in sight, and no products to haul. Now the fuel you used to get to the truck stop is gone. It’s not a good day.

As a truck driver, you know that your income is dependent on the frequency of goods you ship from one place to another. So wouldn’t it be great if you could save time by just focusing on driving while someone else puts the loads on your truck?


Bill Busbice Is that “Someone”

Entrepreneur Bill Busbice has been influential in the trucking industry for decades. In 1982, Bill founded Ace Transportation, a trucking company that served the oil and gas industry and provided work for thousands of American owner-operators. Recently, he launched a blockbuster app for truckers called HWY Pro.



The New Uber for Truckers

The transportation industry is booming, especially in developed countries.

The industry is booming primarily because of the overall increase in population in those regions. Population and economic activities boost production, which results in additional freight movement and leads to a swell in the transportation industry.

This is one of the reasons why many entrepreneurs are cashing in on this industry. The freight transportation system in the U.S. alone, for example, moved nearly 18.1 billion tons of goods valued at more than $19.2 trillion in 2015, according to Freight Analysis Framework (FAF) estimates.

While Uber fills a personal transportation need by efficiently transporting individuals to their destinations, HWY Pro is trying to fulfill a freight transportation need by relieving truck drivers of the frustration of finding loads.

Like Uber, which helps its independent contractors to cash in on the action, the HWY Pro app helps truck drivers to “find the best backhaul loads and build your full trip before you ever fire up the ignition.”

The overall mission is not just to cash in on the industry, nor is it to cash in on truckers’ hard work. It is, instead, about boosting efficiency in the transportation of products.

Like Uber drivers, who don’t have to worry about finding passengers, HWY Pro drivers don’t have to worry about finding goods to haul, and they can choose only the ones that work best for them. Bill and the team bear the rest of the back-office hassles. The HWY Pro app is essential for serious truckers who want to increase their business efficiency.




How Does HWY Pro Increase Owner-Operators’ Business Efficiency?

Built by trucking professionals, HWY Pro was developed to serve truckers in the following ways:


1. It Saves You Time

HWY Pro is a time-saving app. With it, you don’t have to spend days looking for your next haulage clients, or spend hours arranging loads or waste time on other business hassles, like time-consuming phone calls. HWY Pro has you covered.


2. It’s User-Friendly

This is not like your average traditional trucking company where you get little support and do most of the grunt work. Bill and his team packaged their 125 years of combined owner-operator-based trucking experience into one HWY Pro app. You plan your trips. You pick the loads you want. You drive when you want. And, above all, a HWY Pro specialist negotiates and secures your loads. Your priority is to just drive—and cash in on your earnings.


3. It Eliminates All That Daunting Paperwork

One of the most stressful aspects of business operations, especially in the trucking business, is dealing with the hassles of paperwork. Not only is it boring, but it’s also time-consuming, energy-draining, and productivity-killing. HWY Pro understands that.

Because the company’s mission is “to ease a truck driver’s life,” they remove the trouble of paperwork in their operations. They automate their schedule, their work, and their pay. You just focus on working and growing your business. Bill and the team will handle the rest.