A Startup That Uses Powerful AI Algorithms to Build Better Brands

A Startup That Uses Powerful AI Algorithms to Build Better Brands

When CEO Yali Saar launched Tailor Brands in 2014, he had a new concept in mind.

Business owners were used to getting their branding design work done by brick-and-mortar studios or freelancers. However, today Tailor Brands has given a whole new meaning to branding and logo creation by showing how powerful artificial intelligence, or AI, can be.


How Is Tailor Brands Changing the Branding Industry?

There is nothing new about the concept of branding. Business owners have always sought unique and compelling logos and company mottos that appeal to their customers. These days, they also seek to create a company culture that employees will find fulfilling and glamorous.

However, there is a new approach to branding today, thanks to innovative startups like Tailor Brands.

Following are some of the ways Tailor Brands is empowering small businesses today:


1. Affordable Solutions



Small businesses are realizing the importance of branding, and they want to compete with the big players in the market. However, budget constraints are still a problem. They want a quality company logo but are unable to justify the high cost that comes with it. This is where Tailor Brands come to the rescue.

With the help of powerful AI, Tailor Brands is able to offer highly affordable branding solutions. They provide logo creation, social media banners, professional presentation slides, as well as other branding services. And they do it all affordably. As a matter of fact, a business can get a variety of branding services for less than $100.




2. Quality That’s on Par with Premium Studios

The proprietary AI algorithm used by Tailor Brands isn’t just a cheap branding solution. It’s actually highly advanced. And it is capable of creating logo designs that are comparable to those of the premium studios.

No longer do you need to pay thousands of dollars for professional branding services. You can get designs that are highly professional and modern for far less. That’s exactly what small businesses are looking for, and that’s what they get from the Tailor Brands studio.


3. Ideas That Just “Click”

Tailor Brands’ logo design tool learns what you are looking for by asking a few basic questions regarding the design itself, such as the patterns, colors, and themes you prefer.

Then it applies this information to its database and comes up with a selection of logos that fit your criteria. It filters this list so that in the end only the crème da le crème are left. These are the designs that you yourself described, and thus you are bound to be happy with them.



4. Logos and More

Most small businesses are only able to go as far in their branding efforts as to get a good company logo. However, Tailor Brands allows these companies to think beyond the bare essentials. They offer an entire suite of branding tools. These include a landing page, social media posts and banners, brand analytics, custom presentation slides, and more.

Strong branding is crucial for small businesses. There are just no two ways about it. Tailor Brands emerges as a pocket-friendly and versatile solution that can solve all your business’s branding requirements.