Are you looking at taking on new hires in your business in the coming year? If so, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

It’s expensive and time-consuming to hire new employees. However, it can be even more expensive and time-consuming to supervise them closely or let them go if they don’t work out. So it pays to be careful when you hire for your business. Consider all aspects of the person’s qualifications and skills before you decide to hire them.

There are plenty of good prospects out there, so there’s no need for you to take the first candidates who show up to interview. For years, the financial forecasts have been gloomy for job-seekers. Every candidate who shows up will clamor for your attention. However, with the information you’ll find in this post, you should be well armed against the onslaught of the multitudes.

Take, for example, the experience of Thunderbolt online casino and other online gaming developers in their search for skilled programmers. They learned that, as well as technical skills, they also wanted employees with what’s come to be known as “soft skills,” those qualities that make an employee a joy to work with—and even indispensable over time.

So whether you’re looking for employees in a technical field, or finance, sales, or middle management, read on to find out more.




What Are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are those qualities that are sometimes referred to as people skills or emotional intelligence. These are the skills that enable a person to communicate effectively, think creatively, and be a valuable member of your team. Below is a list of some important soft skills to look for in candidates who show up to interview with you.



Employees who can adapt to changing conditions and situations can be life-savers when things start moving fast. You want to hire people who can roll with the punches when changes in your business demand quick thinking.


Effective Communication

Hire someone who says what they mean and means what they say. It might flatter your ego to have people around you who always tell you what you want to hear. However, your business will thrive if, instead, you hire—and listen to—people who will tell you the truth, even when it’s ugly.



Employees who can come up with solutions to problems on their own, without a lot of hand-holding, are worth their weight in gold. They will save your company money in more ways than one, most often by not wasting your time.



Hire people who already see themselves as successful. These are people who will put forth maximum effort to attain future successes, both for themselves and for your company.



You might think that a lack of creativity is not a deal-breaker for the position you need to fill. However, someone who can think in innovative ways is going to provide your company with far more than you pay them for.




Leadership, too, might seem like an unlikely trait to look for in a candidate. This is probably especially true when you’re hiring for a lower-level position. However, leadership can show up in numerous ways, and we’re not talking here about the chest-thumping kind. Far from it.

A true leader is unassuming and leads from behind. A true leader is in reality a great team member. By demonstrating to coworkers and managers alike a strong work ethic and high principles, a true leader can transform a company from the inside out.


Look for a Combination of Both Kinds of Skills

Look for new hires who have not only the technical skills the job requires, but also the soft skills that will make them a valuable long-term member of your team.