When you start a new business, you’re often tasked with doing a majority of the work yourself. Therefore, sorting through your options for various pieces of business software is likely low on your list of priorities.

First, you need to find all of your employees. Then, you’ll have to decide what types of products and services you want to offer. Next, comes strategizing about how you’re going to effectively sell those products and services. Basically, most of the decisions are solely yours.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to create your own processes or start each division of your new company from scratch. In fact, there are many types of software that can make things easier for you. What’s more, they will also be beneficial to your business. This is true not only in your company’s starting phase, but as it continues to grow.

Here are 3 pieces of business software to consider.


1. Human Resources Software

Human resources (HR) is responsible for a number of duties that are critical to business success. For instance, this department is tasked with helping you find and hire employees who would be a good fit for your business. As a matter of fact, the right employees can potentially take you to the next level. It also handles other activities necessary for creating a solid workforce. For instance, its functions include scheduling, payroll, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, and more.

That’s why this category of software is the first item on your must-have list. By using HR software such as Roubler’s, you can easily create job postings. You can also set (and change) employee schedules and compile time sheets for payroll purposes. This frees up your HR staff to handle all of the other the employee issues that typically arise on a daily basis, such as call-ins or changes in benefits.

Even if your company isn’t big enough to have its own HR department, this software can still streamline processes for the individuals at your company who are responsible for these duties. Again, the less time they have to spend on HR issues, the more time they have to spend on other areas of your business.

Business Software - HR

Roubler’s HR Software

2. Project Management Software

As a new business owner, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of all of the projects your employees are engaged in. This could result in missed deadlines. Then, too, if a contractor or supplier contacts you and wants the status of a particular project, you’ll have to track it down. This means contacting the person assigned to it, getting a status update, then calling the contractor or supplier back. That’s a lot of work that you could eliminate. Wouldn’t it be far better if you could simply check your computer and find the status that way?

This is part of what makes project management software so invaluable. As IPM Global points out, the advantages of project management software include having greater control over your projects. That’s because all of your projects are stored in one convenient place. As a matter of fact, the entire team knows their status at all times. Project management software also makes it easier to create standard operating procedures, ensuring consistency across your business’s spectrum.

Business Software - Trello


3. Industry-Specific Software

Though this category of business software is difficult to describe in general terms, wouldn’t it be nice to have a program that helped you navigate the ins and outs of your particular industry? One that provides all of the features you need, and none of the ones you don’t? That’s what industry-specific software does for you.

Business Software - TradifyHQ

TradifyHQ’s Tradesmen

For instance, there is software designed to help businesses involved in electrical, plumbing, building, and heating and air. These trades have their own nuances, their own way of doing things, so having software that addresses their needs in a practical way can make running a business in one of these fields less cumbersome. Check the software options for your field. You might find one that you can’t (or don’t want to) live without.

Choose the Right Software for You

Finally, the right software can help you run your business more efficiently. But be sure to choose the right software. It may just mean the difference between you running your business and your business running you.