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Boost Productivity by Making These 5 Improvements to Your Office

There are hundreds of books on the market these days that claim to hold the secret to boosting productivity. “Boost productivity in no time at all,” they loudly proclaim in big, bold print on their covers.

Myriad expensive courses and seminars, not to mention countless webinars and newsletters, also claim to boost productivity. Additionally, thousands of productivity apps, articles, and hacks continually exhort us to boost our productivity.

If you were to try to consume them all, though, your productivity would surely take a nosedive. Surely, there are more common sense approaches. However, be it for creativity, work, or home life, increased productivity has become one of 2018’s most popular concepts.

It can be confusing and frustrating to learn what actually works to boost productivity. So, how can you genuinely create improvement in your office staff’s productivity? In this post, you’ll find some down-to-earth productivity-boosting ideas for the workplace.




1. Color Me Purple

Colors in the environment have a definite influence on people’s moods and behaviors. For example, the color green evokes a feeling of balance. On the other hand, red gets the blood rushing. Yellow encourages creativity, and blue signifies professionalism and stimulates the mind.

The brighter the hue, the more intense the emotion a color produces. Therefore, you can easily boost productivity in your office staff just by painting your plain white walls with almost any color. Alternatively, create design accents for different departments with colors suited to each division’s particular work.


2. Get More Plants

Aloe, spider plants, and English ivy are just a few of the indoor plants that boost productivity. Being in the presence of plants helps people to focus and work harder. Plants also helps us to feel happier about ourselves and the work we do. One of the reasons for this is that indoor plants improve the quality of the air in the rooms in which you place them.

The plants mentioned here are easy to maintain indoors, as they require only a little natural light along with some water from time to time.


3. Upgrade Your Lighting to Flat Panels

LED flat panels are better for boosting productivity than fluorescent units in almost every possible way. Arguably, they’re also more cost-effective than light strips.

That’s because they use less energy and provide more light without burning a hole in your wallet. What’s more, they can last for more than five years.

Companies like Lithonia Lighting sell a wide array of design choices in LED flat panels directly from their site. Additionally, they also sell through partner sites such as ShineRetrofits.  If you want to boost productivity in your office staff, LED flat panels are the way to go.



4. Spruce up Your Break Room

A kitchen or lounge area is wonderful for your staff’s morale. Therefore, provide a change of space that doesn’t feel like it’s a part of the office. This can help workers relax and take the edge off the stress of the workday.

During lunch hour, employees like to go wherever they want for the hour. However, your office might have few cafés or restaurants within easy walking distance. If that’s the case, consider upgrading your lounge area by putting in some lunch tables.

Paint the walls a bright color and create a conversational area with a love seat and a comfortable chair or two. A relaxing setting that encourages casual conversation can often, surprisingly, lead to creative ideas and a boost in productivity.


5. Ask Your Staff

Your workers work tirelessly for you to help you achieve your goals. Express your appreciation for their efforts by listening to them when they tell you what they need from you to make their work lives more satisfying. Ask them what you can do for them. Then do what you can to help them feel fulfilled in their work for you.

By doing so, you just might discover new opportunities to build stronger relationships with your employees.


Everyone Will Enjoy Your Office More

Making changes such as the ones suggested here will boost productivity as well as make your office space look and feel more professional. Your office staff will be happier in their work for you, and visitors will have a better perception of your company.