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Could Trustpilot Be the Customer Review Program for Your Online Company?

Whether you’ve recently launched an online business or have been running one for a while, you surely know that reviews are important not only for attracting new customers, but also for building a strong brand reputation. However, have you ever stopped to consider that a methodical customer review program could boost your profits?

As a matter of fact, there are multiple benefits that come from consumer feedback. After all, 97% of online shoppers look at reviews when searching for a business. Furthermore, 93% report that reviews influence their decision to purchase. Additionally, customer feedback plays a significant role in SEO and search marketing. This means that the more reviews you have, the higher your business will rank when customers conduct organic searches.

Therefore, picking the right custom software solution for customer review management is a major decision. This is true not only because of their generally high price points. Moreover, because of so many options and promises, it can be difficult to determine whether or not a customer review program will even help your business.




Trustpilot is a great option for many online businesses. That’s because it provides numerous features. Additionally, it also offers flexibility and customization options so it can fulfill your precise needs.

Here is a breakdown of what Trustpilot is and what it does. Let’s dive in.


1. Pricing Plans

There are lots of variables when it comes to online businesses and their budgets. Each has its own marketing strategies and service needs. This is why a flexible plan for a customer review program is a great option. This is especially so for smaller or new online companies that don’t have a lot of funds.

Trustpilot offers four different packages. These even include a free starter program that offers the basics to get new companies up and running. From there, the Lite platform offers some additional features. For instance, there are personalization options and a greater number of review invitations that you can send out each month.

The Pro and Enterprise plans offer even more options. These include customization and multiple integration options for a more comprehensive strategy.

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2. Review Collection Process

Collecting feedback can be tricky. However, customers are more likely to leave a review if the business asks them to. According to the Pew Research Center, only 10% of customers leave feedback regularly on the products or services they buy. However, when customers are specifically asked to leave a review, that number jumps up to 68%.

There are several strategies that Trustpilot offers for collecting feedback.

  • Review Collection Form

Trustpilot offers a simple and easy-to-use review collection form. This form asks customers to provide a star rating. It also requests an optional typed review.

Both of these features are important for a business’s feedback system. That’s because customers report that the overall star rating and the sentiment of the reviews are the most important factors they pay attention to.

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  • Automatic Invitations

The sooner you reach a customer after their purchase, the better. You can set up automatic review invitations through Trustpilot to be sent via email. In this way, you’ll capture customers’ attention while the experience is still fresh in their memory.

  • Embedded Review Form

Feedback reviews provide valuable keywords that can connect future customers to your website. Further, listing reviews on your website allows you to optimize your SEO strategy for the RankBrain algorithm. This could help your website ranking over time.


The embedded review form feature means that each review you receive can be posted directly on your website. This will increase its visibility for both Googlebots and customers checking out your site.

  •  App Integrations

If you are an ecommerce company, chances are that you have partnered with an online merchant platform to launch your site. Trustpilot offers several app integrations with big names like Magneto, WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce. Therefore, you’ll be able to post reviews on your website seamlessly with Trustpilot’s customer review program.

  • Customer API

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a software-to-software interface that allows two programs to transfer data automatically. Trustpilot’s customer API works with other software tools you may already have, such as a CRM system. You’ll be able to organize the consumer data that it collects from these reviews and apply it to other databases.


3. Review Reminders

Of course, not all of your customers will fill out a review form as soon as they receive an invitation. However, it is important to gather this feedback fairly quickly after the purchase has been completed. This will ensure that the review is relevant and accurate. With a quality customer review program, you can automate this process.

Your team can set up automatic review reminder email messages to be sent out if a customer does not leave feedback within a certain amount of time. According to Trustpilot’s research, this little reminder is enough to increase feedback by 35%.

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4. Editing Existing Reviews

While it is certainly tempting to remove or hide negative reviews, this can actually hurt your business and destroy consumer trust. According to this report, a mix of positive and negative reviews actually makes the majority of customers trust a business more.

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Trustpilot is committed to offering an open review platform. This means that everyone—invited or not—has the option to leave a review. Fear not. This is a good thing!

A customer review program that allows businesses to selectively pick who gets to leave a review is not presenting genuine information to consumers. Essentially, this allows brands to cherry pick their feedback. What’s more, this is something that most consumers will see right through. For this reason and more, Trustpilot does not allow companies to hide, change, or remove negative reviews.

However, you can request Trustpilot’s compliance team to take a look to see if the content violates its feedback policy. You can also request a review if you have reason to believe the review is spam and/or fraudulent.

On the other hand, a customer who leaves a review can edit that same review. So if you receive a scathing review, you can reach out to the customer and attempt to resolve the issue. Perhaps you can even change the customer’s perception and persuade them to modify their review.


5. TrustBoxes

The TrustBox widget feature makes it easy to display all of your customer reviews on your website. This provides more content for search engines to read. Additionally, it makes customers more confident with their purchase decisions.

You can even customize these boxes to show reviews for specific tags or keywords. For example, you could tag your customer service department’s rating or the overall sentiment for a specific product.

Remember, while you cannot edit a review, openly displaying it on your website can potentially boost customer confidence. Customers spend 31% more on purchases if a company lists reviews. What’s more, 68% say that reviews make them trust the business more, too.

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6. Marketing Assets

Customer feedback is a great source of user-generated content (UGC) that you can integrate into your marketing program. According to this report, 80% of customers believe that when brands use UGC regularly, it makes their content more authentic and trustworthy.

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By using a customer review program to gather lots of feedback, your marketing team will have far more content to work with. This will help them to create UGC-focused materials that can help your business grow.


7. Social Media Integration

Social media continues to have a significant effect on day-to-day life. This is especially evident in how it influences our shopping habits. For example, nearly three-fourths of online shoppers use social media to check out reviews and comments. They then use this information to determine whether or not they should buy. As a result, 52% of online and offline purchases are now influenced by an ad or a post seen on Facebook.

You can take advantage of this trend by transferring your Trustpilot customer feedback right into your Facebook page. Or create customized Tweets and Instagram-worthy content to share with Trustbot’s image generator. You can create these posts manually. However, if you go with the Enterprise plan, Trustpilot will automatically update your Facebook feedback for you.

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It is always wise to learn about the product through the eyes of its consumer. That’s because customers who have used the product can offer valuable insights about their experience. Go through Trustpilot Customer Reviews to know what Trustpilot’s verified customers have to share about this valuable customer review program.


Let a Quality Customer Review Program Take Your Business to the Next Level

A quality customer review program can help your business to collect quality reviews. It can also help you to integrate those reviews into your business strategies successfully.

When it comes to choosing a customer review program, Trustpilot has a lot of great features to offer. Further, those features will bring your brand’s marketing strategy and customer experience to the next level.