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6 Valuable Tips to Help You Start an Organic Food Delivery Business

Have you been looking for viable commercial opportunities? One of the most interesting options right now is an organic food delivery business. With more and more Americans focusing on eating a healthy diet, organic food is in demand.




You Have a Ready Target Audience

Organic food sales are picking up in a big way. PRNewswire has released results of a survey on the eating habits of Americans for 2018. Close to 67% of consumers now choose nutritious foods when shopping for groceries. They want foods that are free of preservatives, chemicals, added sugar, trans fats, and other harmful ingredients.

Further, 47% of shoppers check labels of products carefully for added sugars and avoid buying them. Moreover, 37% of Americans are likely to reject products that contain artificial and chemical food colors or additives. What’s more, both men and women are conscious about buying foods that are sustainably produced.

Patrick Moorhead is the chief marketing officer at Label Insight. He reveals to PRNewswire, “It is no surprise that the majority of consumers are asking brands and retailers to provide more insight and clarity about their products. With so many Americans seeking healthy and socially conscious food, knowing what is in it and how it is processed is a more important selling point now than ever.”

Given this scenario, an organic food delivery business may be the best idea. That’s because your target audience is ready to purchase the products you offer them.


Source Products for Your Organic Food Delivery Service from Local Farms

Whether you’re serving ready-to-eat meals or organic meal prep delivery, sourcing the ingredients for your customers is easy. You can buy the food you need from local farms that grow produce using natural fertilizers such as compost and manure. Visit the farms and talk to their owners about the kinds of seeds and other inputs they use. In this way, you can get complete assurance of the purity of the fresh produce you buy.

You could also buy dairy products, meats, and eggs from farms that raise their livestock on the feeds that nature intended them to eat. What’s more, if you can reliably assure your customers that your farmers treat all their livestock humanely, you would have yet another good selling point.

Buying from local farms also helps you to provide the freshest of ingredients. Some of them, perhaps, were even picked the same morning. Thus, you’ll avoid the addition of preservatives that your consumers are so wary about. Additionally, an important positive of buying from these farms is that you will be supporting the community, a factor that your customers are sure to appreciate. In addition, by eliminating agents and middlemen, you can economize on the costs of the supplies you need for your organic food delivery business.

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Eliminate the Cost of Packaging Materials

One of the main costs you’re likely to incur is that of packaging materials. While cling wraps, aluminum foil, disposable cutlery, and plastic boxes add to the convenience of delivery, they are wasteful. Using these materials also contributes to non-degradable trash that can eventually find its way into landfills. Choose the greener alternative for your organic food delivery business by opting for more economical methods. Suggest using reusable stainless steel utensils, wooden boxes, and glass mason jars to deliver the food. You can collect the containers on the next drop-off round. Then wash them and deliver food in them again.

Given that your customers are committed to eating healthy, sustainable food, they are sure to welcome your efforts to go green. In addition, you’ll save on the processing costs that most commercial food companies incur. Moreover, you’ll avoid the expenses they have for transporting their products over long distances. Maybe you could pass some of the savings to your customers with reduced pricing and discounts.


Cater to a Specific Radius

The unique selling proposition of an organic food delivery business is freshness. A good move is to begin by catering to customers within a particular radius from your operating base. In this way, the only cost you’ll incur is for refrigerating the food to keep it edible. When you’re ready to expand your business because of growing demand, be prepared to set up your next outlet so that it is close to a good organic farm.

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Offer to Deliver Produce in Bulk

Most of your customers are likely to be working professionals and busy families that don’t have time for food shopping. Check out this article on GoDaddy that suggests you offer the option of ordering food for an entire week packaged in meal-sized portions. Deliver over the weekend when working people are likely to be home. This will give them time to put away their supplies to use through the week. In this way, you can economize in the cost of transporting the food each day. Again, you could offer discounted costs.


Create a Website so Prospective Clients Can Find You

For your organic food delivery business to be successful, you absolutely need to take it online. Creating a great website is easy. Even novices can simply follow the steps clearly outlined on various WordPress and other content management systems. Get an Internet-savvy friend to help you set it up and you’re good to go.

Other effective advertising channels include putting up flyers at your community center. What’s more, word-of-mouth advertising will be a big boon. Begin by reaching out to neighbors, friends, family members, and any other people you know who are committed to good health, nutrition, and going green. Like Matt Ewer reveals to BusinessNewDaily, many people would welcome the opportunity to choose healthier foods. However, they just don’t know how to source it conveniently. This is the audience you’ll want to capture.


An Organic Food Delivery Service Is a Smart Opportunity

Starting an organic food delivery business is possibly one of the smartest opportunities available today. There is a massive market just waiting for you. Go ahead and make your mark.