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Will Using SES Give You Higher Search Engine Rankings?

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Whether you find it irresistible or just hate it, it’s not going anywhere soon. Yes, I’m talking about SEO. More specifically, I’m talking about SES, or search engine submission.

SES is the practice of manually submitting a website directly to a search engine, instead of using standard SEO practices to push and pull it organically to the top of the rankings. SES may or may not improve your search engine rankings. There are no guarantees. In this post, we explore SES in further detail.




Regardless of how you feel about it, SEO is extremely important for any site. SEO refers to a huge spectrum of solutions and ideas which site owners apply. They intend for these efforts to ensure that their site ranks well on search engines such as Google.

There was a time when search engines like Google had not honed their crawling and search abilities to the level they have achieved today. In those times it was beneficial and even important for site owners to manually submit their sites and pages to search engines. This was what they needed to do to ensure that their sites would come up as results in people’s searches.


SES Feature

Problems with SES

However, today when someone thinks that manually submitting their site to Internet search engines is a good idea, that person is sadly mistaken. Some people seem to think that with SES, when a person searches, their site at least has the opportunity to show up as a search result.

Now, can you tell that something is drastically wrong with that point of view?

As an Internet user myself, I believe that manually submitting sites to search engines gives an unnecessary advantage to bigger sites over smaller sites. That’s because bigger sites have the resources to submit their sites. However, the smaller sites do not.


How to Achieve Higher Search Engine Ranking Positions

Okay then. So SES is not a good option for small sites like mine and yours, right? However, we can still achieve those marvelous top-three rankings on the major Internet search engines. We’ll just have to rely on our ingenuity, our creativity, and good old-fashioned hard work.

So if you really want your site to climb in the rankings, here are some things you can do.

Use Page Titles or Title Tags

Page titles, also known as title tags, are the short descriptors that both human and machine use to determine what the web page is about. What’s more, the Google bots rely on them in order to work their magic. So use them.

Also, remember that the title tag shouldn’t look freakish. It should also be grammatically correct.


If you try to trick the Google crawlers by using several non-related titles just to get their attention you’re doing yourself no favors. Silly tricks like these won’t help the user and they certainly won’t help your website.

Have a Sitemap

Make sure that your site features an easy-to-use sitemap. Don’t make it a labyrinth of loose endings and sharp turns. Useless content is a complete no-no.

Focus on Excellent Content

Content truly is king. You’ll keep people coming back to your site and staying longer if you offer them interesting and informative content. What’s more, make it easy to read and easy on the eye, and your site will soon achieve higher search engine rankings.


Wrapping Up

If you know you need some help with these important SEO elements, then turn to an SEO reseller program. They can help you.

It’s important to keep in mind that SES is useful for those big authority sites. However, if you do the work it takes and apply the changes we suggest here, your site, too, can climb to the top of the rankings.