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Do you provide maternity insurance for the women who work for your small business? If so, do you have some idea of what it covers? Here, we provide a brief review of several insurance providers and what their maternity insurance covers.


Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood

Pregnancy is an important time in a woman’s life. During this time, quality medical care is essential, both for the health of the mother and the health of the infant. Moreover, medical experts agree that pregnant women should not expose themselves to unfavorable environments during this time.




Maternity insurance is generally provided as an add-on to a standard health insurance policy. Additionally, most maternity policies cover both vaginal and cesarean delivery options, as well as additional costs that might be associated with prenatal care and childbirth.

However, some companies are reluctant to provide these essential benefits for the women who work for them. Most likely, this reluctance has something to do with the cost of these add-on policies to the company itself. Nonetheless, a business owner who values the company’s women employees owes it to those women to provide the best coverage that employer can afford.

Listed below are some of the best maternity insurance plans available today, along with a brief description of the benefits each one provides.


1. Total Health Plans by Royal Sundaram Master Product

Total Health Plan is an aggregate health insurance plan. The plan offers benefits ranging between Rs. 30,000 to 50,000 for a single instance. Moreover, this plan includes the Indexation Benefit. This means that the policy holder receives a return each time he or she renews the policy. Additionally, the policy covers up to 50% of total expenses.

Generally speaking, Total Health Plan covers all of the mother’s costs during pregnancy, up to and including delivery. Additionally, it also covers the complications that sometimes occur with pregnancy and childbirth. However, the waiting period for this plan is about three years.


2. Easy Health Family Floater by Apollo Munich

Similarly, the Easy Health Family Floater is also a wide-ranging health insurance plan. However, this plan aims at covering the health costs of a woman’s entire family.

The plan comes in three distinct forms. These are called “standard,” “exclusive,” and “premium.” The standard version covers the family’s general costs. The premium and exclusive versions, on the other hand, offer maternity insurance as well, including coverage for the costs of pregnancy and childbirth.

Moreover, the maternity benefits also provide a variety of child benefit plans. These cover complications that the infant might experience up to 90 days after delivery.


3. Heartbeat Family Floater by Max Bupa

The Heartbeat Family Floater offered by Max Bupa is one of the best health insurance plans. That’s because they provide good maternity coverage across all of their plans, named “silver,” “gold,” and “platinum.” For example, each plan covers both mother and baby up to delivery. Then, after the baby is born, each plan provides coverage for the baby up to a specified time. In addition, the plan covers the baby’s first-year vaccination costs as well.

Additionally, each plan will cover up to two deliveries. After that time, the policy holder can choose to renew. However, a requirement of these plans is that both the woman and her spouse are expected to be active under the coverage for at least two years.


4. ProHealth Plus Plan by Cigna TTK Health Insurance

Cigna TTK’s ProHealth Plus Plan offers coverage for expenses related to pregnancy, neonatal care, and early vaccinations. Maximum coverage is Rs. 10 lakhs, and the plan specifies certain allotments. For example, it specifies that coverage for a normal delivery tops out at Rs. 15,000. Similarly, the maximum coverage for a cesarean birth is Rs. 25,000.

Other expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth are generally fully covered. However, the waiting period for this maternity insurance is a minimum of four years.


5. Star Health Pregnancy Gift Cover

Star Health Services generally covers expenses for up to two deliveries. Moreover, coverage includes costs associated with normal as well as cesarean deliveries. It also includes coverage for pre- as well as post-natal expenses.

Therefore, if either baby or mother experiences any serious medical complications after delivery, the plan would cover the associated expenses. The maximum coverage benefit of this plan is Rs. 10 lakhs. However, the waiting period is about three years.


6. HDFC Ergo by Health Suraksha

HDFC Ergo is a joint venture of Health Suraksha. The plan provides benefits for a maximum of two deliveries. Its maximum coverage is Rs. 10 lakhs.

Moreover, the plan covers all medical expenses. These include tests, doctor visits, and essential medications. Additionally, after delivery, this maternity insurance plan provides for medical care for both the infant and the mother.


Maternity Insurance Is Good for Your Business

Generally speaking, with the advancement of technology, medical costs have skyrocketed. Therefore, any woman who expects that she will want to become a mother one day should sign up for a good maternity insurance plan now. Moreover, she should make sure that the plan she chooses will cover the essential aspects of pregnancy and childbirth.

Additionally, employers who are considering providing maternity insurance for the women who work for them should thoroughly discuss these matters with those women. Only in this way can employers provide the best possible care for the health of their women employees and their children.