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Maybe your small business is taking longer to get started than you thought it would. Perhaps your budget is tighter than you would like it to be. Bills seem to accumulate faster than you can get them paid. Wouldn’t some residual income be nice when this happens?

Many people take on a second job just to handle their necessities. This can lead to exhaustion and major health problems. However, you can develop a source of regular income that continues to come in even when you are not working. This is called passive or residual income.

Many people would like to get some residual income started, but they don’t know where to start. Moreover, different people will require different methods. For example, you might be able to use some of your talents to get something started. Consider the suggestions here to get some ideas.





Investing is one of the most common residual income ideas. This form of passive income is not something you can just start suddenly, however. It could take you a while to learn about the stock market. However, stable investments can bring in money on a regular basis or yield a profit when you sell them.

In order to secure this income source, you must pay close attention to what is going on with the market. You need to be ready to make changes when the value of your stocks is predicted to change. If you can afford to work with a professional broker, that person can help you to monitor your stocks for this purpose.


Rental Property

Some passive income requires the initial spending of a large amount of money. For example, landlords receive a monthly payment from tenants who live in their rental properties.

In order to start this process, however, you must first purchase a home to use for this purpose. This is a residual income choice that takes a lot of financial planning. For example, you will be responsible for the mortgage payments whether you have a tenant living in the home or not. Moreover, there may be times when you do not have anyone in the home.

It may take some time to get your first tenant. Or a tenant might move out before the home is rented again. Success with this endeavor is more likely when the home is in a popular location. Additionally, you’ll need to keep the home in good shape. What’s more, it’s best if you use a property manager to help you acquire tenants as needed.



Blogging is something that many people can start immediately. The only upfront charge is the purchase of a website and the annual fee for the domain name.

However, once you begin a blog, you need to post regularly in order to keep your readers interested. Therefore, it is a good idea to create plenty of content before you launch your blog. This way, you have extra content to post on days when you are too busy to write.

Once you have lots of followers, you can monetize your site. When you get to that point, you will make money every time someone clicks on an ad.


Find Your Path to Residual Income and Take Life a Little Easier

Residual income can make a big difference when it comes to staying ahead of the bills. However, as you probably noticed from reading this post, passive income is not all that passive. It takes some hard work to get the money to start flowing in, whether you call that money passive income or residual income.

Therefore, take some time to research the different options before you begin your journey. You’ll need quite a bit of money to get some ideas off the ground. Others require lots of work in the beginning. So think about your talents and how much money and time you must invest before you decide.