Most phone-tracking apps rely on basic GPS navigation, so they can tell you someone’s location.

Other than that, they can give you information about someone’s calls, messages, and Internet surfing. Therefore, if you need phone-tracking software to keep tabs on someone’s location, as well as learn other information from their phone, there are many apps available. Here’s a brief review of the top three.


1.   mSpy

With mSpy, you can easily view phone calls someone either received or made from their number. Also, you’ll see the timestamp and call duration.

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Additionally, you can easily record most of these phone calls. What’s more, if you’re doubtful about any specific number, you can set recording controls on the phone-tracking app for phone calls your subject receives or makes to that particular number. You can even block incoming phone calls from specific numbers.

For example, if you are afraid that your son or daughter might be getting into trouble behind your back, you can at least find out what your child is doing on their iPhone. You can find an easy-to-follow guide to help you keep track of their phone. There are five easy methods at this link:

You can also keep track of texts that a phone sends or receives. Additionally, you can check any and all content sent or received from email services such as Outlook, Gmail, and so on. Plus, if the person who uses your target phone has saved some sites as favorites, you can easily view all of them and check with your phone-tracking app to see if they contain inappropriate content.

mSpy Has Lots More Features, Too

Just like any other application, you can use this phone-tracking app to temporarily block or unblock sites for specific times of the day. Also, you’ll be able to see most of your subject’s calendar entries, along with a record of any activities they create on their phone. For example, you can acquire records of Skype calls and chats, WhatsApp chats, iMessage’s SMS texts, and more.

Keep in mind that your tracking would likely be incomplete unless you review online hangout sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can easily keep a record of updates your children or workers make by using this particular feature.

Finally, if the device you’re tracking should be misplaced or stolen, you can execute a wipeout on your own device. While this action would remove from your device the information you’ve gathered, you would still be able to access it from data backups in the phone-tracking app’s main database.

2.   Mobile Monitor

In addition to being able to track messaging, video, audio, call, images, and email, Mobile Monitor allows you to monitor a number of other activities of a particular target’s cell phone.

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However, you’ll need a couple of minutes alone with the target cell phone to install the phone-tracking app onto it. Then you can connect with an online dashboard on the receiving end.

If you’re using an iOS, you’ll be acquainted with the WhatsApp feature that many people use for sending and receiving free messages and calls. You’ll be able to easily record all the texts, images, and call data that your target shares over WhatsApp.

Another popular application is Skype, the application that many people use for video calling. However, people often use this application for inappropriate purposes. You’ll be able to check all the messages and phone calls your subject makes and receives over Skype.

3.   SpyBubble

Another good phone monitoring application is SpyBubble. This app allows you to track phone calls made or received on your target’s phone. For example, you can get information about call frequency and duration between any two numbers.

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Moreover, knowing your offspring’s current location has become a lot easier thanks to Google maps and the GPS navigation tracker.

Wrapping Up: The Best Phone-Tracking Apps

It’s important to note that in order to track your children’s or your employees’ text messaging on their phones, you’ll need to install the application of your choice on the phones you plan to monitor. You’ll also need to pay either a monthly or a one-time fee for this tracking service. These types of services are appropriate for employee tracking and parental control.

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