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3 Important Considerations When Planning an Office Renovation

Photo by Eunice Lui from Pexels

Many people consider the office where they work their “second home” because they spend most of their time there daily. Therefore, if you’re considering an office renovation, it’s best to do some careful planning.

For example, considering how important the office is, it is key to focus on its design in order to inspire employees to give their best.


There are several pieces of research that have successfully linked employee productivity, engagement, office design, and the organization’s bottom line. Recently, the World Green Building Council carried out research that established evidence of the effect office design has on the health of the staff, their well-being, and their productivity.

Here we highlight three important things to note for your office renovation.

1. Get Ideas from Your Employees

It is important to seek input from your employees and take their ideas for office renovation into consideration. Employees will feel happier when they are given some decision-making power when it comes to their work space and how they work.

Taking this first step makes sense. That’s because your employees occupy the space and are in the perfect position to suggest what improvements will make their work better. Also, your company will definitely record better productivity when your staff is happier.

What’s more, employees know what layouts work best and meet their needs. This is true whether you’re renovating recreational rooms, meeting rooms, or collaborative work spaces. Therefore, be sure to take their suggestions into account when you’re planning your office renovation.

Gathering ideas from your employees will make it a lot easier to visualize what the new office layout should be. Also, you’ll better understand what type of office furniture you will need, as well as other things like lighting and artwork.

2. Determine How Much Space Is Available for Your Office Renovation

The next thing you need to do is to figure out how much space you have to work with for your office renovation.

For example, are you tearing down walls to create an open space? Or are you adding new walls or compartmentalizing the space? You will also need to factor in electrical sockets and wiring. You could also encounter other challenges during your office renovation.

It is important to note that the space you are renovating will determine the cost of your office renovation. Therefore, you need to know the specific dimensions of the entire office space based on the new design plan.

3. Choose Office Furniture Carefully

The office furniture is probably one of the most important factors to consider in any office renovation. The office furniture should make work comfortable for the staff. Also, it plays a major role in creating the right ambiance and environment for employee productivity. Moreover, offices are shifting away from the traditional office look and moving to more colorful and unconventional furniture design.

In fact, many companies, especially those in the tech sector, have embraced a more relaxed and friendly style of furniture for their office spaces. You can walk into some office spaces and find employees working with their laptops while sitting on a sofa. In short, office furniture plays a key role in creating an office culture and affects employees’ general productivity.

Call on the Experts for Help with Your Office Renovation

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