big data and AI

How Will Big Data and AI Transform the B2B World?

Big data and artificial intelligence, or AI, make it possible for industry leaders to make numerous decisions quickly in real time. Used together, these technologies offer actionable insights into customer behavior. Further, these insights allow companies to deliver customized products to consumers in optimized ways.

The Role of Big Data and AI in B2B Marketing

Customer happiness is crucial for the success of any business. If you want to provide high-quality service to your buyers, you must learn your clients’ pain points. Thereafter, you must offer the proper solutions. For this reason, businesses collect large volumes of customer data. This frequently includes browsing history, likes, clicks, buying patterns, and so on.


As many as 80% of marketing experts believe that AI will transform digital marketing for B2C and B2B spaces in the next five years. What’s more, information from big data can be conjoined with the magic of AI.

These data collections reveal powerful insights into customer behavior, insights that are incredibly helpful for B2B lead generation says Zamir Javer, CEO of JumpFactor. Moreover, using this information, marketers can flawlessly predict the correct action to take with any consumer at any moment.

How Smart Business Owners Use Big Data and AI

Big Data and AI

The chart above is from a study by Econsultancy and IBM. The study revealed that 35% of elite marketers agree that they need to have the right technologies for data collection. Moreover, they also stressed that they needed proper analysis in order to understand the data they collected.

AI Improves the Lead Generation Process

The partnership between big data and AI offers enormous benefits. However, it will only be useful to managers who understand how to properly execute the information they receive. For example, rich client insight can guide marketing managers to generate sales-ready quality leads. But this is true only if they have the right data and intelligent analysis at hand.

With quality leads, you’ll be able to focus only on interested prospects. This will reduce the number of hours your team will need to spend on mundane tasks. Instead, they will be able to concentrate on high-value tasks while electronic tools take care of routine functions.

AI Predicts Sales Quickly

Today’s AI tools can produce sales forecasts based on data you provide. Then, you can plan upcoming projects using these predictions. This will help you to efficiently manage your resources and your team’s efforts.

Wise Business Owners Call on Discerning New Marketers

Within this exciting new space, multiple B2B marketing vendors such as Blue Mail Media have begun to emerge. These companies are now implementing new marketing skills in order to leverage new opportunities. Using big data and AI, they target only the right customers. They aid with personalized campaigns and forecast sales. In short, these savvy marketers use big data and AI to bring you a competitive advantage.

AI and big data will continue to push the boundaries of creativity and interactive user experience, and companies that avail themselves of these possibilities will reap rich revenues. So be a part of this trend. Get your business ready for the partnership between big data and AI now!

It doesn’t hurt to automate the process of data collection itself from competitor websites and other industry leaders’ resources using web scraping.

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