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Are you a vlogger or content creator on YouTube? Then you need to keep up with your numbers. Here’s how to view your subscriber count in real time.

YouTube is the world’s most popular online video content streaming service. In fact, it boasts a billion unique visitors every month. Therefore, it represents a remarkable opportunity for individuals and brands to reach out to the world. Here, they get to express themselves, exhibit their products, and market their services.

Creating a YouTube Channel

If you are vlogger or content publisher, the best way to create an identity for yourself on YouTube is by creating a channel. This is a dedicated library that features all of your videos.

There are millions of YouTube channels maintained by individuals and businesses alike. Each one quickly learns that they are in an open competition, and the game is to grab the maximum numbers of channel subscribers. What’s more, the higher your popularity, the better your chances of monetizing your channel’s content.


The Importance of the Numbers in YouTube

According to the YouTube marketing department of open Sky News, every YouTube channel owner wants access to real-time information about how many subscribers they have. Also, each one wants to know the aggregate count of views for each of their videos and how well each video fares in comparison to other videos.

This information gives them vital insights into their channel’s performance. Moreover, it tells them about the efficiency of the content they are posting and helps them to know where they can improve.

Learning What You Need to Know

If you have your own YouTube channel and want to view insights about it, here’s how you can do that:

  1. There are many independent websites online that can track your data from YouTube and display it in a meaningful and simplified manner. This they do using charts and graphs so you can understand it easily. Look for such a web app or website online. Then browse through the various features each one offers besides basic data. This will help you in narrowing down the field of analytics providers.
  2. Search for your channel using the web URL of your YouTube channel page and select it. Then the tool will pull out relevant data related to your channel and represent that data in charts and graphs for you to see.
  3. You can check how many subscribers you have in real time. Also, you can check how many of them you had an hour ago, how many of them a week ago, and for any date range. Follow the timeline to understand when your subscriber base expanded exponentially and how it correlates to the videos you posted during these times. It will help you figure out what worked and what didn’t.
  4. You can also check back to see how many new subscribers you added when you posted certain videos on your channel. This will help you to learn how and when people liked your channel more.

Keeping Your YouTube Audience Engaged

Maintaining a YouTube channel is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort. As a matter of fact, it isn’t quite the cake walk it might seem to beginners.

When you upload a new video on your channel, use the real-time subscriber count web app to track how well it is doing. Keep in mind, though, that once you reach a certain level of popularity, your audience starts expecting more from you.

For example, they expect you to keep up the great quality content with a higher frequency of uploads. Once you are popular, you don’t want to disappoint your audience by being laid back or by not being able to deliver regular content. High quality content delivered regularly is the first thing that made people follow you and become your subscribers.

Increasing Your Fan Base

Here are two golden tips on how you can increase your subscriber fan base for your YouTube channels:

1. Keywords

Use keywords wisely. There are billions of videos uploaded on YouTube. It is impossible to browse through them on a standalone basis. So YouTube offers the keyword search functionality. This allows people to find videos that interest them by searching with relevant keywords.

So make sure you incorporate appropriate keywords in the titles of your videos. This way, your target audience can find your content easily. Keep it smart and your content will rank near the the top.

2. Thumbnails

Use thumbnails wisely. Each video is uploaded on YouTube with a thumbnail that suggests the content inside it. While many people search YouTube with keywords, there are many results that come up for the same keyword. So use your video’s thumbnail to attract a click-through.


YouTube is a gold mine for entrepreneurs and others. So provide great content, get to know your numbers, and then use those numbers to guide your progress. Before long, you will be reaping the rewards.