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When you are buying a photocopier, it is important to consider your choices. For example, should you lease or rent instead of purchasing a copier? And what can you do to ensure you get the best service at the right price?

Admittedly, not all photocopiers are the same. One photocopier might accomplish more or less the same tasks as another. However, it’s important to assess your needs to find a model that meets your expectations and is simple enough to operate.

In this post we help your sort out your options.


What Is a Photocopier?

A photocopier is an electronic device that reproduces images and pages instantly and cost-effectively. 

Its main features include the ability to arrange the pages of a book in a correct manner for binding. Additionally, it should have features for fastening, stapling, reproducing color images, and minimizing and enlarging images. A good copier will also be able to create overhead transparencies.

Several types of photocopying machines are available in the market. These include laser photocopiers, multi-functional photocopiers, network photocopiers, digital photocopiers, and analog photocopiers.

What to Look for When Buying a Photocopier

1. Copy Volume

Copy volume refers to the number of pages per month the copier can process. Think about how much you’re going to use your copier by calculating the average number of copies per month you need. This determines the speed of the photocopier you need.

2. Copy Speed

Speed is closely related to volume in the sense that the more documents you need to print, the faster the copy machine needs to work. This will avoid lines in the office of people who need to use the machine.

3. Budget

The budget you have for buying a copier is one of the key guiding factors. The actual cost of the machine gives you a baseline for comparison among different types of photocopiers.

At times, renting a photocopier is more cost-effective. This is especially the case if maintenance and repairs are included in the cost of renting.

4. Energy Efficiency

Choosing a power-saving photocopier saves you money on utility bills while reducing the environmental damage that comes with high energy consumption.

5. User Friendliness

Choose a copy machine with intuitive controls. This allow users in the office to more easily understand how to execute all the copier’s functions. Therefore, try different features on a copier you’re considering to learn if it’s difficult to switch from one feature to another.

6. Training

This is for those who are purchasing a high-end photocopier, as they generally have complex functions that will require training. Ask your supplier if they’ll give your employees free training.

7. After-Sales Services and Support

A photocopier has many mechanical parts and is likely to suffer some form of mechanical failure at times. All copy machine suppliers should have an after-sales support infrastructure. In other words, you should be able to purchase a full-service contract agreement for your new photocopier.

Comparing Photocopier Quotes

What to Ask for When Requesting Photocopying Machine Quotes

A photocopier can be a big investment. Consequently, it’s something that you should give careful thought to.

The best approach is to get as many photocopier quotes as possible. Then compare them to decide which best meets your needs.

However, the details of a quote can differ greatly from supplier to supplier. This can leave you with a long list of information that still doesn’t answer your questions. Therefore, asking the right questions is important. So let’s take a look at things to consider when requesting copier quotes.

What Are Your Buying Options?

All businesses operate differently. Therefore, their buying strategies differ greatly. This has led to the creation of varying purchasing plans. For example, some businesses might wish to buy a photocopier outright.

Other businesses, however, prefer to rent their equipment. On the other hand, another business owner might be uncertain which option is best for them.

Therefore, the sensible move is to ask for the various purchasing options to be detailed on your quote. This allows you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option before making your decision.

Is There a Support Option with Your Photocopier Purchase?

Irrespective of your situation, it’s important to take out some form of maintenance plan with your purchase. Although costs will increase as you add options, you’ll enjoy increased peace of mind along with greater efficiency of your photocopier.

What Is the Price?

Price is not necessarily the chief deciding factor when it comes to comparing photocopier quotes. However, it’s a major consideration in terms of understanding your quote. Also, it is crucial that the final price includes everything.

Does the Photocopier Meet Your Needs?

The final aspect to consider when looking for a quote is whether the copy machine in question can meet the requirements of your business.

It’s vital, therefore, to determine whether the copy machine can satisfy performance factors such as copy speed and copy volume. If you can’t establish this early on, then the final quote will be less than useless.


Now that you have a general idea of what to look for, you can be sure of getting the perfect photocopier for your business.