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Expand Your Home Office to Be More Productive

When you first created space in your home that was dedicated to set up your own business or start working remotely for another company, chances are little space and storage were needed. Over time, as you got more comfortable in your role (perhaps took on more clients and work), it’s normal that the amount of space you require changes. If you’ve reached the point where your home office space is no longer big enough and isn’t allowing for peak productivity, then it’s time to expand and reorganize.

Here are some simple tips you can use that will give you more space to act as a dedicated office area.

Where Can You Take Space From?

A great place to start is by looking at your home’s current layout and determine where you can take space from. Perhaps you have a guestroom that is rarely used; maybe you have an unfinished basement that is simply acting as storage space, or perhaps you have a large insulated garage that could give you the kind of room you’re after. You may have to get a little creative in the area that you will be calling your new home office.


Do a Massive Declutter in the Home

As you look to find empty space in the home, it can also be helpful if you declutter the entire house. That doesn’t just mean the room your office will be set up in, but rather the whole house. Once you get rid of all the items you no longer need and want, the stuff you are keeping can be moved around and stored properly, so you can clear up a lot more open space.

If you have a particularly large amount of “stuff” to get rid of, roll-off dumpsters could be a good idea. These are dumpster rentals that are delivered straight to your home so you can fill them up with everything you are disposing of. The rental company will then come back, pick it up, and dispose of your trash. Affordable Roll-Offs is a great example of a company offering these types of roll-off services at affordable rates.

Invest in Proper and Smart Storage

There’s a good chance that a big part of the reason you need more office space is that you’re running out of room for storage. Proper and smart storage is an absolute necessity. You want something that will tuck into your office space with ease but will allow you to store all you need to in an efficient and space-saving way. This could take a little research and shopping around on your part, so don’t rush into any storage solution purchases.

Creating Additional Space is Possible

When you first start to think about expanding your home office space, it’s natural to feel as though it’s just not possible, and that you don’t have enough room, but with a little creative thinking, re-organizing, and a massive declutter, you’ll be well on your way to creating the ideal working space in your home.