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Make Great Packaging Design a Priority

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

Branding is an integral part of developing a successful product. And good packaging design contributes significantly to your customers’ perception of your brand.

If customers have a negative view of your brand, your products won’t sell. On the other hand, if you position your brand as highly sought-after, your product sales will rise. You can avoid that by hiring a graphic designer or using a graphic design service.

Good Packaging Design Boosts Your Brand Image

During the manufacturing process, a large number of products are packaged in BOPP packaging, or polypropylene packaging. This allows the manufacturer to include branding as part of the final product. (BOPP stands for “biaxially oriented polypropylene bags,” by the way. BOPP is known for its superior strength.)

Onion bags are one of the only products that cannot incorporate printed branding. However, the manufacturer can add a branded tag label to the finished product, producing the same effect as printed branding.


It’s an Integral Element of Successful Branding

Now, let’s look at a comprehensive definition of branding. This will help us to determine branding’s purpose within the life cycle of the development of a product.

What Is a Brand?

According to the American Marketing Association, “A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” In other words, brands play a vital role in distinguishing manufacturers’ products.

So what is the role of packaging design in the branding process? For one thing, it is so important that expert product developers prioritize good packaging design.

Packaging Design Adds Value to Your Brand’s Identity

A product’s packaging is a unique identifier. In other words, it differentiates between different brands of similar products. It is also responsible for a customer’s first impression. In short, it gives a customer reasons to purchase the product or not.

Therefore, it is vital for branding experts to ensure that the product’s packaging drives consumers toward purchasing the merchandise. Otherwise, you could be sending your customers into the arms of your competitors.

Great Packaging Design Attracts Customers—or Not

Consumers form an initial impression of your product based on the look and feel of how it is packaged. In other words, the package design provides customers with initial product information. Therefore, you want the design to pique the customer’s interest. Without this level of interest, your customer will more than likely choose not to purchase your product.

It Helps Your Brand Stand Out from the Crowd

Simply stated, a robust, engaging, and creative package will ensure that customers can easily find your product in the crowded marketplace. Looking at some statistics of the world’s top brands reveals the importance of packaging design in relationship to sales figures.

A Final Word

As you can see, the design of your product’s package is of ultimate importance. It can either add value to your brand or detract from it. And most important of all, it can determine whether customers choose to purchase your product or not.