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5 Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Claims

Photo by Daria Sannikova via Pexels

An automobile accident can cause you to lose time from running your business, as well as stun you both physically and mentally. On top of that, you might even need to do battle with your insurance company to get them pay for your medical expenses and damages to your car.

If you’re smart, you’ll start preparing for going to court right after you have an accident. Despite the shock you just went through, you have to stay strong. That’s because you can’t depend on recouping the money your insurance company owes you, at least not without a fight.

Insurance companies are businesses built for the sole purpose of making money, so they do their best to deny everyone’s claims. Here are five common excuses they sometimes use against their customers, along with ways you can deal with each.


Insurance Companies Often Deny Liability

Some people will do anything to win a case in court, especially where money is on the line. Auto insurance companies have their own expert lawyers to fight each case. Moreover, they do their best to prove they are not liable for any injury. If you not at fault and the company has to pay, they will do their best to prove it’s the fault of the other party.

They Claim You Didn’t Follow All the Rules

Insurance companies try to put all weight on the insured if they can’t blame it on the third party. If you are the insured, they will try to make you pay by somehow proving that you didn’t follow their guidelines.

To this end, they provide you with a long list of carefully drafted rules and conditions when you purchase your policy. Sometimes, people unintentionally break one of the company’s complex regulations. For example, many auto insurance companies require you to inform them within 24 hours of an accident.

You Broke a Law

Insurance companies try to avoid the cost either by blaming it on the insured or the other party. So one common practice to avoid paying is to prove that one of parties to the accident broke a law.

For example, if you didn’t have your license with you when the accident happened they could avoid paying. In short, if you broke any law at all, your insurance company won’t have to pay.

Insurance Companies Claim Injuries Were Preexisting

Medical costs aren’t exactly cheap in the US. To get out of paying these hefty expenses, insurance companies might try to prove that the claimer already had those injuries. They have many tricks up their sleeve to prove their point in court.

For example, if you don’t get medical care right after the accident, they will say your delay shows you might already have had those injuries. To cope with such a situation, it is recommended that you acquire the services of a personal injury lawyer. These are professionals who know how to get your insurance company to pay you what they owe you.

They Minimize the Extent of Customers’ Injuries

If an insurance company knows they can’t prove your injuries were preexisting, they might say your injuries are minor. They won’t have to pay you as much if they can prove your all injuries are small and shouldn’t cost much. Insurance companies conduct their own research and have their doctors perform a checkup. They can easily prove you are wrong here.


There’s no doubt about it. Insurance companies are in the business of protecting their own profits. However, if you should ever experience the shock of having an automobile accident, find yourself a good attorney. Then you should do well, even if you have to fight your insurance company to pay for damages to your person and your property.