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Career Development: A Guide for Mentoring Your Employees

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Do you see promise in some of your employees, promise they don’t see in themselves? When you do, offer to guide and mentor them toward a more fulfilling career.

Following is a guide to help you help them. Additionally, this article contains tips that we can all use, business owner and employee alike.


A Career Development Guide for the Employee

You can go to your job day after day and hope for a promotion or raise, or you can take charge and develop the skills and knowledge for your dream career. Show your current employer your drive and ambition or seek out new employment in a higher position elsewhere. You will have more options available to you if you start today and follow this guide.

Improve Your Health and Well-Being for More Success in Your Career

It takes a lot of energy to work continuously toward reaching your goals. You don’t want to focus all your energy on your work. Neither do you want to focus solely on your personal life.

Balance is key to success. However, balance can be tough to achieve when you are worse for wear. So work on improving your health and well-being. Then you will have more energy to accomplish everything, professionally and personally. Just remember to be patient with the process.

Look to Expand Your Qualifications and Skills

Some jobs have qualification requirements that you cannot circumvent. The only option for career development here is to hunker down, study and pass the exams you need. Nurses, doctors, veterinarians, and other professionals all have these barricades.

Other careers, however, are more nuanced. If you find yourself is such a situation, take the path less taken and invest in learning a skill that not many of your colleagues have. For instance, acquire an internationally recognized Six Sigma Black Belt. Then use that accomplishment to make yourself more hireable. You might also find yourself qualified for management positions with your newly acquired skills.

The entire purpose of Six Sigma is to provide its students with the ability to improve internal processes. Therefore, if you are looking for a management position, the ability to state you can improve a business’s bottom line is invaluable.

Stay Up-to-Date with Industry News

Times change and businesses have a habit of falling behind. Fall too far behind, and suddenly they’re going bankrupt because customers are leaving in droves. That is why staying on top of industry and technology changes is so important, and by personally reading industry news and following these changes, you will become vital to any company in your industry.

You will become the go-to person that your managers can trust. Use this knowledge to put yourself in leadership roles, mentor others. And when the time comes for a promotion, use your reputation as a knowledgeable member of the team to secure yourself a promotion.

Make Yourself into an Industry Leader Online

Go through your online footprint and remove anything that isn’t flattering to your professional career. This means making information private if it isn’t suitable and working to improve your professional standing online.

Create profiles on industry sites. Also, manage a valuable website that outlines the information you know. Work on this step until you are confident that a Google search of your name will work in your favor toward securing a new job.

Keep Your Ear to the Ground for Job Opportunities in Your Career Field

Create alerts on job boards and keep up-to-date with what is available. In most cases, you won’t even bother to apply. But every so often, your dream position will come up and you need to be ready to apply.

A Quick Note to the Boss

By using this career development guide with your employees, you’re obviously taking a risk. For example, one of your highly skilled employees might discover their dream job at some other company, not yours.

On the other hand, by mentoring your employees and helping them with their career development, or by simply providing outplacement support, you’ll be establishing real human connections that can’t help but benefit everyone involved. In that case, Qooper mentoring software can help you start and run mentoring programs to execute a successful onboarding process, retain talent and receive higher performance. 
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