Business Lunch Meeting Tips for Success

Holding business lunches is essential for meeting new clients and networking. Lunch meetings allow you to meet potential clients with added intimacy. Gatherings among influencers in your industry can help you devise new strategies that will elevate your business to greater heights. Utilizing a meeting over lunch allows for generative dialogue and shared fun which enhances creative energy.

Expense is always an issue when hosting a business lunch. It is only sensible to claim back the amount you spend on food if you are self-employed. Employees of all kinds should be informed about Claiming Business lunches to learn about best practices. Still, whether or not to claim an expense impacts year-end tax deductions for employees and businesses. Consultation about appropriate expense claims may be necessary. Companies like Fusion Chartered Accountants provide access to SME focused accountants offering the right advice on this matter. 


Once you have determined the appropriate expense practices, you will be prepared to host a meal with clients and stakeholders. Of utmost importance when holding this type of meeting is your company’s image. You must ensure that everything you do and present is in line with your company’s image. The following are tips for a successful business lunch.

Business Lunch Attire

How you dress for any kind of meeting communicates a lot about your company. Relaxed attire signals a relaxed work environment. Business formal attire communicates that working with you means working with a professional. Chances are you are aware you are attending a business lunch, so you will probably don the right attire. However, if you are uncertain, the purpose of the meeting can provide insight on the attire that is expected. What you wear has an impact on the success of selling your products or services, as well as your company values.

Business Lunch - man and woman in professional attire.
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Be Prepared

Preparation is vital to ensuring your business lunch is successful. This is especially true if you are hosting the lunch. Familiarize yourself with the venue and their menu in advance. Doing so will guarantee your ability to answer questions among your attendees and placing your order expediently. 

Be prepared for the kind of discussion you want to have during lunch. Because a business lunch is time-limited, it is important to utilize your time well. Having an agenda or list of issues you hope to discuss will keep you on track.

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Stay Self-Aware

You should be in control of your emotional presence when engaging in the discussion over lunch. Though some companies allow the consumption of alcohol at a business lunch, it may be best to avoid it. Alcohol can impair your speech and lower your self-awareness. Countless mistakes can be made when you are not in full control of your thoughts and actions. Also, the people you are meeting may have different views about alcohol, and your use of alcohol during a business meeting may negatively influence them about you or your company. 

Business Lunch Manners & Etiquette

How you order your meal at a business lunch can also impact the image your guests have of you and your company. Treat waitstaff politely, speak clearly, and be patient. Consider allowing your guests to place their order first. If you are not ordering the same meal as them, then look for something that is of comparable size to what they have ordered. Choose a less expensive meal if you are not the one paying the bill.

Proper eating etiquette is also essential during such meetings. You should display high levels of hygiene when having your meals. Eat at a reasonable pace so as to not risk making a mess. Order meals that are easy to consume and allow you to avoid spills and drops on your clothing. 

When you follow these tips, you are sure to have a successful business lunch.