digital proficiency represented by a woman using a laptop during a business meeting
How can you accurately assess your digital proficiency? How do you determine your standing within the digital spectrum? Enter the Digital IQ Test. Read the article here to learn all about it.
PAT testing represented by a side view of three-pin plugs showing the top of one plug with PAT test sticker
PAT stands for “portable appliance testing.” Anything with a plug that can be used away from your main power source qualifies as an appliance and needs to be tested. This includes electric drills, monitors, printers, and PCs. In this post, we detail the PAT testing records you should keep.
business master's programs represented by a smiling young professional researching MBA programs
A master's degree in business can provide additional opportunities for professional development, including a higher salary, better networking, and more specialized subject knowledge. These benefits can be particularly beneficial for people who want to work at the top of their field.
hospitals represented by a modern hospital building
It’s important for hospitals and other medical facilities to know how they are doing finance-wise. If not, it can lead to problems in the future.
well-being represented by a smiling young woman in an office workspace
In this post, we look at methods for boosting output by improving employee well-being while underlining the importance of coaching in fostering a positive work environment.
call center agents smiling for the camera
In the demanding world of law, ensuring that every client feels heard and responded to is critical. A resource that often goes unnoticed in its ability to streamline this process is a call center.
data breaches represented by an abstract image of a person in the center of a matrix of binary numbers holding up a data card with a picture of an old-fashioned padlock on it
A data breach is risky for the consumer and costly for organizations. Moreover, it can provide an opportunity for lawsuits. You may not be able to avoid a successful attack entirely, but you can minimize the damage and recover quickly. Here's how.
injured on the job represented by a worker supporting a coworker after an injury
If one of your workers has been injured on the job in Chicago, share this article with them. It can help them get the compensation they deserve.
mobile video represented by a colorful photo of a man wearing a white cap taking a video with a smartphone
As smartphones continue their development into ever-present consumer companions, marketing content must adapt to the seemingly limitless potential of modern devices and their capabilities, including the use of mobile video.
Powered Template represented by a screen shot from that site
If you’re looking for a stock image that’s just right for your current project, you’ll be sure to find the one that best suits your needs at Powered Template.
fund your startup represented by a small group of men in casual clothing listening to a man in a blue shirt and shorts
Starting a business takes courage, creativity, a lot of elbow grease, capital, and financial support. The chief difficulties lie in coming up with great business ideas, executing them, and ensuring you can fund your startup. Here are six ways to fund your startup.
getting better at time management represented by photo in sepia tones of vintages timepieces, including a clock, a watch, and an hourglass
You can learn to be better at time management. This will ensure that you will be productive and your business will be as successful as possible. Here are some things that will help.
moving your business represented by a man using a tape gun to tape a box closed
If you feel your business is losing customers or you’re paying more than you can afford for your current site, then it’s probably time for moving your business to another location. This simple guide will show you how.
Salesforce CTI represented by a young woman in a call center making calls using a headset
To make sure the staff in your contact center is at their most productive, incorporate automated tools through Salesforce CTI integration. This will streamline processes and increase overall efficiency.
pest control represented by a portrait of a smiling man showing thumbs up while holding insecticide sprayer outdoors
Living a better life is related to a healthy life, but pests can thwart our best intentions. For this reason, pest control is essential for healthier living. In this article we take a look at the pest control process.
online MBA represented by an HR management/ recruitment/ employment/ headhunting concept
When you earn an online MBA with a concentration on human resources, you'll have an in-demand business skill set that will qualify you for various management roles. We offer some examples of what you will learn in this post.
outer boroughs represented by a photo of the New York City skyline
Median sales prices have steadily increased in NYC’s outer boroughs. This trend presents a challenge for first-time homeowners and renters. Brad Zackson, a real estate expert, asks, "What's next?"
eco-friendly packaging represented by an abstract icon portraying the ecological call to recycle and reuse in the form of a pond with a recycling symbol in the middle of a beautiful untouched jungle. 3d rendering.
More and more businesses are striving to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations, and a major focal point of this trend is eco-friendly packaging. Here we explore some key strategies in this arena for e-commerce businesses.
UK small businesses represented by British bank notes
UK small businesses have faced significant challenges in 2023, and the future remains uncertain. In fact, two in five UK small businesses have reported sales declines in 2023.
small businesses represented by a vector drawing of small shops against the background of large city buildings
Small businesses continue to face real difficulties in 2023. Moreover, preparing for and anticipating business obstacles is the best course of action. That's why guidance from a business advisor is essential.