If you’ve decided to study for an advanced business degree, your next step is to decide where to study and at which school or university. When making your choice, do not simply limit yourself to studying in America, because there is a far more interesting option out there.

Study in Europe!

Europe offers many hundreds of years of history, culture, and learning. In short, with their diverse and interesting history, European schools know a thing or two about education.

No matter what your requirements, there is a school or college in Europe that will provide you with exactly what you need. As continents go, Europe is small. But with 51 countries, each having its own culture, language, food, architecture, art, and music, there is nowhere else on earth that offers quite so much.


In fact, you will find unrivaled institutions where you can study business in Europe. What’s more, some of these top-rated schools charge minimum fees, and some even offer free education for all.

Additionally, Europe has many cross-border agreements between countries. This has strengthened their international academic community and enhances their diversity and research facilities.

Travel Easily Within the European Union

Once you’re inside the European Union you have the freedom to travel across borders. Just imagine: You will have the chance to visit some of the most famous and historic places on the planet. Meanwhile, you’ll be mingling with lots of other international students and travelers.

To have studied in Europe proves some things to any potential future employer. For one thing, you will have attained skills that are second to none. You will also be showing clearly that you are willing to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone. To top it off, you will have obtained your education on a continent that is a world leader in developing cross-border business.

If you can add any of the many fine European business schools to your CV, your future employer is likely to try to snap you up in an instant.

Europe is home to some of the world’s largest economic centers and business hubs, and all of them have so much to offer. Places such as London, Montreux, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Vienna, and Oslo are just the top of the list of top-rated European cities.

Moreover, each of these cities is a powerful hub of business activity, with each having their own extensive background of history and business experience.

Many Americans Choose to Study in the UK

Many American students choose to study in the UK because there is no language barrier. Plus, the UK is home to many globally acclaimed schools. Universities in places like London, Oxford, and Cambridge are only three locations out of many.

Once you find a school that suits your needs, they will help you to obtain your study visa and Schengen visa for the duration of your studies. This is an easy process and provides easy access to the rest of Europe. From London, for instance, you will be only an hour or two away from just about any part of Europe. Therefore, travel and exploration will be extremely easy.

But You Can Study Instead on the Shores of Lake Geneva

Montreux Business School is a serious contender if you are looking to study in the heart of Europe. Located in Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva, this school offers a whole host of internationally acclaimed business programs, including online studies. All its courses are taught in English by its renowned international and multicultural faculty.

Or Study in Germany for a Free Education

If school fees are a problem for you, then consider studying in Germany. There, most public universities offer free education. In fact, you need to pay only a small administrative fee plus your housing and personal expenses.

However, don’t imagine that schools in Germany offer lower-quality tuition just because they are free. They don’t! The quality is as high as any other.

Europe Offers a Wide Range of Settings for Your Schooling

There are many countries to consider for places to study in Europe. For example, Switzerland is famous for its banking industry, and the Swiss know a thing or two about business. Moreover, Switzerland is home to universities in Geneva, Zurich, Bern, and many other cities.

Or you may want to study in France. Located near the center of Europe, France has one of the largest economies in the world. Plus, its diverse history and culture are unrivaled.

Within Scandinavia lie several Nordic countries with schools that are incredibly diverse and of high quality. What’s more, EU residents can study for free in Sweden and Denmark, although living costs can be pricey. And Norway offers free tuition to anyone at most of their universities.


So enjoy choosing the European location where you’ll advance your education in business. You have quite an adventure ahead of you!