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Top 10 Features of an Enterprise IoT Platform

If you ever wondered how modern digital enterprises emerge seemingly overnight from previously conservative companies or new tech start-ups successfully challenge the mighty global giants, you should look closely at the sweeping IoT revolution.

Modern technology has become more accessible, powerful, and efficient. Companies can take advantage of a new class of cloud application—an enterprise IoT platform—that enables them to connect and manage their devices, products, and assets remotely via the Internet. They really can transform their businesses fast.


But before enjoying the benefits of digitized operations, marketing, and product development, you need to select an IoT platform that matches your goals. Some companies prefer to zero in on their key use case when adopting IoT, while others try it in a number of settings and departments. Either way, the following top 10 features are what you’d like to have in a modern enterprise IoT platform to ensure long-term success.

Data collection

Collect data from sensors, gateways, and smart devices in real time.

Device management

Manage device identity and authorization, keep track of current assets and their status.

Data visualization

Visualize collected data on dashboards, configure specific data visualization widgets to monitor various device parameters.

Configuration management

Create, manage, and upgrade IoT applications for different types of solutions and devices.

Data analytics

Derive insights from the collected device data in the form of historical reports and other statistics.


Support multiple users with unique sets of IoT solutions, manage user access rights.


Distribute commands to devices remotely via the cloud, set up cross-device communication.


Set up data rules and thresholds in real-time analytics to trigger automatic alerts upon specific events.

Software updates

Distribute over-the-air firmware updates to your connected devices.


Ensure all necessary connectivity options for your IoT solution, check if a gateway connectivity is provided by the platform vendor.

Selecting an enterprise IoT platform is easier when you come prepared. Our checklist is a great place to start, but, ultimately, it’s your business goals that should influence your final choice.