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Enamel Pins from GS-JJ: Quality Products at Competitive Prices

Have you considered giving one-of-a-kind enamel pins to your current and prospective customers? Promotional gifts such as these can really boost your business, and GS-JJ.com has exactly what you need.


Consumers love having their own unique and customized style today. However, standing out from the crowd has always been a challenge.

How can you create your own unique style? You can start with customized accessories such as custom-made lapel pins, patches, belt buckles, lanyards, and more from GS-JJ / Enamel Pins.

GS-JJ.com is an e-commerce website that offers quality products and services directly to designers and end users.

GS-JJ / Enamel Pins is one of the largest manufacturers of promotional gifts and customized items. Their mission is to offer customers the highest quality products at competitive prices with on-time delivery. And they offer fast, free shipping.


About GS-JJ and Enamel Pins

GS-JJ is a division of EnamelPins Inc. To clarify, the EnamelPins.com website is devoted to lapel pins and custom enamel pins.

GS-JJ has been manufacturing promotional gifts and custom-made items for more than 20 years. They wholesale direct to some of the biggest distributors, franchise operators, and high-end customers in America and around the world. They work hard every day to be the best in their industry.

Unique Products Besides Enamel Pins

A custom-made lapel pin or a custom-embroidered patch can change the look of your denim jacket, leather jacket, coat, or backpack. You can even wear your custom-made enamel pin on your favorite baseball cap. And since it will be your own unique design, you can guarantee that no one else will be wearing it.

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The GS-JJ product lines include:

  • Custom-made enamel lapel pins
  • Baseball trading pins
  • Medals
  • Lanyards
  • Belt buckles
  • Challenge coins
  • Ornaments
  • Embroidered patches
  • PVC patches
  • Key chains
  • Silicone wristbands

GS-JJ offers much more, since they will customize just about anything and everything!

Fast Delivery on Enamel Pins and Other GS-JJ Products

GS-JJ will produce your custom lapel pins in 24 hours using their advanced printing technology, no matter how many or how few enamel pins you need. In fact, GS-JJ is the perfect choice for your quality order, even if you have an urgent deadline. You can always purchase from GS-JJ with confidence

No Minimum Order

GS-JJ charges no mold fees for their custom-printed enamel lapel pins, whether you order a single enamel pin or a thousand. What’s more, they offer free professional design support, quality printing technology, and free air shipping.

Giving Back

In support of art and design, GS-JJ / Enamel Pins is offering an art student scholarship contest, called the 2020 Enamel Pins Scholarship. To this end, they are holding a design contest that is open to undergraduate students enrolled at accredited colleges and universities in the United States.

To enter, applicants must complete an online application form and upload designs for both a one-inch enamel lapel pin and a three-inch embroidered patch. Also, each entry must feature this semester’s theme of “Climate Change.”

The designs for both the enamel pin and the embroidered patch need to be designed without gradients, shadows, or photographs. To see examples and learn more about the design and manufacture of GS-JJ pins and patches, visit their website at https://www.enamelpins.com/video/custom-lapel-pins. There you will find images and videos to help you make your entry shine.

More About Entry Requirements

GS-JJ enamel pins are plated in the customer’s choice of metal color, including gold, silver, black, and so on.

In your design, all fine lines and other small details should be in the base metal color of the pin. Also, each color should be completely bordered by a thin stroke of the pin’s metal color. A line width of 0.50 works great for one-inch pins.

Deadline for Entries

The deadline for all entries is March 31, 2020. Only digital designs will be accepted. Fill out the online application form at www.enamelpins.com/scholarship/apply.

With your entry, upload to the GS-JJ FTP server a vector file for a one-inch enamel pin and a three-inch embroidered patch. Be sure to include your first and last name and the year in the name of the design’s file. For example, if your name is Henry Davis, you would name your file “Henry_Davis_2019_pin.Ai.”

Then, in the subject line of your e-mail include both your first and your last name.

The Winning Design

The winning design will be chosen by a trio of professional product designers from GS-JJ. The winner will be notified by both electronic and regular mail. Therefore, please ensure all of your contact information is correct on your application.