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Low-Cost Business Ideas for College Students

If you are a college undergraduate and looking to become an entrepreneur at a young age, there are many start-up ideas to begin your entrepreneurial journey. Setting up a business while studying can be great for you as you will be able to generate income even before graduating. You will also gain valuable experience in running a business profitably. Low-cost business ideas can help you get started today.

Think of it: You could become one of those famous entrepreneurs who started from scratch and went on to make Fortune 500 companies. In this article, we will talk about some low-cost business ideas for learners which will help to become a successful entrepreneur in the future.

On-Campus Delivery Service

As a college student, you have free access to the college campus, and you can capitalize on that by offering a range of delivery services. It could be food items, stationery products, clothes, packaged goods, and others. To begin, you need to check which items are allowed into the college campus. Get permission from the college authorities to provide this service. Your delivery service will save students’ time so they can focus on their studies. 

Cleaning Services

Students do not tend to use the time to clean up their hostel rooms or dormitories. As a result, many rooms are a mess of junk and trash. This reality provides you an opportunity to start a cleaning service for students in exchange for a reasonable fee.

The cost of starting this business is quite low because all you need are cleaning supplies and a license. If you are not comfortable with the cleaning work yourself, you can hire one person to do the job.

Assignment Writing Service 

This is one of the best low-cost business ideas for you to consider. As a student, you know very well how tough it is to complete assignments, submit on time, and get good grades. It takes a lot of hard work and resilience to do all coursework with consistent efficiency. If you help other students to complete their course for a nominal fee, your business will be quickly popular.


Students will feel relieved to hand over their assignments to you, knowing that you will take on the hassle. You may also expand this business by setting up a website through which you can help students from other colleges complete their assignments. You can follow the business model of top essay services to be on the right track from the very beginning.

Transcription/English Lessons 

This is another brilliant low-cost business idea for students. There are two ways of doing a transcription business for college students. Many college students these days record lectures instead of noting down because writing everything takes a lot of hard work, and in doing so, they will not be attentive to lectures. Where recording is allowed, students can give you the recorded file, and you can transcribe them with correct spelling, sentence construction, and nice formatting so that students can use them for their studies.

Another option is to provide English lessons to international students who struggle to speak or write English. Since these students need to communicate and write in English during their study years, this service could be really helpful for them.

Before We Go

Any of the listed ideas can be great to kickstart your business when you are still in college. You can do business in between the semester breaks. At any other time, when you are busy in study or implementing your business ideas, get an essay writing service so that your coursework and grades are in good shape. Companies like SpeedyPaper.com can take care of your essays for a reasonable fee. Check with them today to get professional-grade essay writing.