CBD Wholesale

CBD Wholesale: Ask the Right Questions with This Checklist

There is no doubt you’ve heard about the ever-growing multi-billion dollar business of CBD products. If you plan on getting into this industry, you must team up with a top CBD wholesale supplier. That way, you can save a bundle by buying hemp-derived CBD merchandise in bulk. Whether it is for a retail location or an online store, the business opportunity is out there.

Fortunately for anyone looking to buy wholesale CBD, there are plenty of distributors around the nation. That means there is a seemingly endless supply of cannabis goodies, ranging from CBD edibles and bath bombs to oil tinctures, vape pens and more. They even make CBD treats to help pets stay calm and cool in storms, as well as during long periods of separation. When you work with a quality CBD oil wholesaler, you can pick and choose exactly what you want to sell.

Before you begin working with a CBD wholesaler, you must ask the right questions. Your CBD Wholesaler Checklist should include these basic questions.

Who Is Supplying The Supplier?

There is a growing number of CBD suppliers on the market. Unfortunately, some of these businesses’ goods and services cannot be trusted. You must do a little homework to figure out exactly where to get top quality CBD from hemp. While hemp-derived CBD is now legal in all 50 states, numerous wholesale suppliers get their hemp from farmers in Colorado and California.

CBD Wholesale

Make sure that your CBD inventory stems from within the U.S. and never uses chemicals, such as pesticides. At the same time, read reviews to find reliable suppliers, rather than mom and pop shops that appear overnight.

Third-Party Testing of Wholesale CBD Products

Make sure that all of your wholesale CBD items have been tested by industry professionals, like scientists and doctors, working at a third-party facility. Simply because a CBD product says it has undergone testing does not mean it is completely safe. After all, many vendors perform their tests in-house using analysts on their payroll. Obviously, this isn’t reliable.

Also, beware of CBD vendors that do not share their lab results. What do they have to hide? It’s important to ask for lab results from every production batch of CBD. Make note of the CBD levels and their consistency over time. It is not uncommon for the new kid on the block to sell CBD oil with too much THC or not enough CBD. And just because a label says its safe, an illegitimate CBD product may still put a buyer at risk. You can always take things a step further and request batch-specific testing information. 

Fast (And FREE) Shipping

While the cost of speedy shipping is anything but cheap, offering it to CBD vendors is essential in today’s competitive market. Under normal circumstances, it should take approximately three days to fill any and all orders, whether they are for first-time buyers or steady customers. A wise wholesaler of CBD supplies quickly learns their customers and knows what inventory to have available and precisely when. 

Generally speaking, a CBD wholesaler can have more time allotted for new buyers. However, if a wholesaler needs a week or more before it can ship an order, something isn’t quite right. CBD vendors expect quick shipments at no additional cost. If a CBD wholesaler cannot deliver a fast turnaround, they are not worth a buyer’s time.

Wholesale CBD Packaging

If you are wondering about the advantages of buying wholesale CBD oil, you can start with the product packaging. A CBD wholesaler doesn’t have to lose any sleep over how everything is wrapped. Let the growers and suppliers stress over details, like getting all of the merchandise boxed up and ready for the everyday consumer.

Careful packaging can easily save an entrepreneur plenty of precious time and money. Wholesalers only have to worry about selling their CBD goods in bulk to whatever retailers and outlets their hearts desire. Before long, a CBD supplier should have a few dependable vendors that can be relied on throughout the year.  

Market Reputation And Reviews

Rather than teaming up with the newest CBD wholesaler with fun social media pages, look for a legal CBD wholesaler with a proven track record. Sure, a newly formed organization can easily supply you with better products and lower prices than one of the big boys. Yet, business owners should always do their homework and get various quotes.


Think about how many customers and repeat buyers they have. Do they offer sales on holidays and what kind of consumer feedback has been left on the internet? Is this really a CBD wholesaler that you want to partner with for a long-term business relationship? 

Your Marketing Plan

Like it or not, the world of wholesale CBD is extremely competitive. Breaking through to a mass of consumers is easier said than done. A wholesaler must stand apart from the competition. This includes selling nothing but the best quality hemp-derived wholesale CBD on the market.

CBD wholesalers should also offer fair prices and top-notch customer service, along with a well-researched marketing plan. What markets will be penetrated and how? Will you rely on television commercials, radio spots and/or digital media? Well-executed pay-per-click ads and boosting posts on social media outlets can turn into massive exposure for a CBD wholesaler. 

As soon as you have all of these questions answered, you can choose the best CBD wholesaler available to work with. The work you put in will support a long-term working relationship. Together you can build a business that will be beneficial to everybody, from the domestic CBD manufacturer to the trustworthy wholesaler, the vendor, and the satisfied customer.