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5 Features to Look for in a Payment Gateway

Collecting money from consumers should never be a complicated process. A payment gateway simplifies the handling of money from one hand to another.

That is why the payment gateway you choose should be a “plug and work” tool, something you can find at Cardknox. Instead of worrying about specific transactions, business owners can concentrate on other important areas of their company. Below are five features you should look for.

1. Fast Transactions

Speed matters, and should not be slowed by the amount of the transfer. Nothing is worse than missing out on a sale due to a hold. Although you can’t control holds from the bank’s side, it is still nice to know that any transaction-related issues are minimized on your end. Payment gateways reduce problems from security holds on large transactions.

2. Gateway Security

Methods of obtaining data have become more intelligent, offline and online. This has led to more complex hacks designed to get around new security.

However, payment gateways are either current with their security or a step ahead of the hackers. In many ways, gateways act as an additional layer of security to protect the buyer and the seller. It’s the responsible way to do business when selling a product or service.  

3. Updated Standards

Some transactions require a little more legwork than others. Keeping up to date with local, state, and international standards can be dizzying. It also becomes a confusing exercise when you have to do business taxes.

A payment gateway takes care of all the busywork when it comes to money handling. You can concentrate on the raw numbers received and sent rather than worrying about small updates that affect each transaction. This is because, when the rules change or there are important reminders, businesses receive clarification from the payment gateway service provider.


4. Seamless Integration

As a tool, a payment gateway fits in snugly with any transaction type. As long as the payment method is supported by the software, the money will be processed normally. Some companies even have the option of integrating the software into their brick-and-mortar payment systems. It’s all a way of giving the consumer additional ways to pay for goods.

On the other hand, not all payment gateways are available for certain businesses, services, transaction types, or even countries. Merchants should always check with support before committing to a particular service provider.

5. Ease of Use in a Payment Gateway

Complications are bad for buyers and sellers. Providing multiple ways to pay helps customer retention. From a merchant’s perspective, ease of use is like having the perfect employee. Customizing gateway options takes seconds, and help is always available for some of the more advanced features.   

Payment Gateway Wrap Up

Convenience is one of the greatest assets of a payment gateway. The best of them are made to be compatible with a majority of websites and fit right in with your current checkout types. Ensure the quality of your business by going all-in with a secure payment gateway.