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Cool Business Ideas for the DIY Entrepreneur

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Those with the rare combination of DIY skills and an entrepreneurial bent have just what it takes to build a unique business offering in today’s world. If you dream of becoming a DIY entrepreneur, now is the time. Here are some cool ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


Are You a DIY Entrepreneur?

Are you thinking of starting your own business or looking to supplement or elevate your side hustle? Then you need a plan to help focus your ideas toward a lucrative option. Check out these cool business ideas for the DIY entrepreneur.

Why Start Your Own Business?

There are many reasons to start your own business and become self-sufficient. To start, it allows you to do what you love in the atmosphere you create, rather than be tied to a schedule and commute.

The flexibility being a DIY entrepreneur provides allows you to change your lifestyle to be more what you imagined. Whether you love to travel or you want more with your family, having your own business can make it a reality.

Research Ways to Sell Your Products

There are many ways to sell online and garner attention. Do some research concerning which ways are best for what you are marketing. Then review other e-commerce sites as well as retail stores and markets that cater to your community. Learn about search engine optimization, social media, and email marketing. Perhaps look into classes about starting a blog or image or video galleries.

Use These Tips to Get Started

There are a few things you need to consider when getting started. The following tips can help you plan. First, get to know your audience so you can provide what they need and want. Also, learn how to show off the best side of your items so they can see the size, shape, and color, as well as any other pertinent details.

Check out These Cool Ideas for Your Entrepreneurial DIY Business

There are many popular businesses that have started in homes just like yours. Crafters and hobbyists have been creating and selling their wares for ages, but until the internet and social media came along, it was difficult to find a large, marketable audience. Today, just about any DIY entrepreneur can find their niche if they are willing to market themselves. The following ideas are worth considering.

Natural Skin Care

Natural products are a natural for DIY entrepreneurs. Use natural ingredients to make soaps, lotions, bath bombs, even sunscreens and bug sprays. Make them at home if you have the space to do so.

Many people prefer knowing exactly what ingredients are in their skin care products, but they don’t have the skills or time to make their own. As a DIY entrepreneur, you can give your customers these assurances.

Children’s Toys and Furniture from the DIY Entrepreneur

Wood carving and woodworking are alive, well, and safe in the hands of DIY entrepreneurs.

For example, customers are eager to purchase children’s toys and furniture items made by hand. These can become precious heirlooms that families pass down from generation to generation.

To get started as a DIY woodworking entrepreneur, find quality tools to make the best products possible. Read more about this on Mostcraft.

Furniture Upcycling and the DIY Entrepreneur

Bring new life to old furniture with some simple woodworking skills and a vision. A creative DIY entrepreneur can reshape and paint many pieces to be make them more modern. These become one-of-a-kind pieces that many people prefer for their decor.

Screen Printing by DIY Entrepreneurs

Screen printing is in high demand. It also is an easy skill for a dedicated DIY entrepreneur to learn. It just requires some specialized materials, some of which you can even make on your own.

Look for a niche that hasn’t been taken advantage of yet, and offer your services for specialized events or organizations.

Glass Art from DIY Entrepreneurs

Glass provides many artistic opportunities.

For example, you can use upcycle bottles or cut glass for stained glass designs. Alternatively, you could create wind chimes or anything else your entrepreneurial DIY imagination can come up with.

Wholly unique crafts are often in high demand and sell well in small local shops and popular tourism destinations.

Tumbler Design

Insulated cups are popular, especially when you personalize them with either vinyl or epoxy. Basically, any design you can think of will do.

Or you could create one-of-a-kind tumblers per your customers’ requests, to help them build their brands.

Making Candles as a DIY Entrepreneur

Homemade candles and meltable wax have been popular for centuries. Today, DIY entrepreneurs offer them to customers for adding fragrance and ambiance to their living spaces.

Create your own long-lasting scents from all-natural ingredients and create a popular product for your customers.

Garden Nursery

If you love to garden you can easily share that love with others. Perennials often grow larger than expected. Then you can separate and cultivate them to sell. Some DIY entrepreneurs also start seedlings for spring plantings.


Love to sew and quilt? So do many other people, but they do not have the skills or the budget to finish off larger projects. Specialize in binding and finishing quilts, and offer specialized services for sewing enthusiasts so they can use their finished creations or give them as gifts.


With the powerful social reach the Internet provides, getting yourself noticed is easier now than ever before. This is especially true if you put the time and effort in to get started.

This allows those who once used their DIY skills only for friends and family to expand to a whole new audience and even become self-employed.

To get more ideas for beginning entrepreneurs, bookmark our blog and come back often.