Contract Sewing: 8 Benefits It Can Bring Your Business

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Contract sewing services are offered by companies to other businesses that need sewing work done. Clothing, home textile, and shoe manufacturers look for contract sewers because they require extra hands when their production levels are high.

Contract sewing services can work for large and small companies alike. Large companies tend to have a lot of orders and seek the help of contractors to keep up with customer demand. Small companies may be starting out or expanding their operations and need some assistance for order fulfillment.

Whichever type of company you have, the following benefits of contract sewing services will help your business grow over time.

1. Cost Reduction

When you outsource sewing work to experts, they’ll handle all of the requirements involved. For example, design and production planning, materials acquisition, purchasing and distribution, and oversight of the entire operation. It’s a perfect solution for reducing costs because the company you’ll work with will take care of tasks you may not have enough time or employees for but are necessary for you to earn profits.

However, note that you still need to invest in this service since every contract sewing company has its fee structure and price list. For example, a contract sewing company may charge a base rate plus per piece charges depending on the complexity of the design. Also, the sewing company will charge you if they need to order extra materials for your project.

Another factor you should be aware of is the type of production process. Companies that want their sewing outsourced may choose between two kinds: piece work and job costing system.

  • Piece work is when each seamstress or tailor has to complete an assigned number of pieces to get paid.
  • Job costing system is when the client only pays the sewing company once they reach a specific number of pieces produced (for example, 1,000 pieces).

Unlike the first production process, the second one is more effective since it charges you for efficiency. You can limit your overhead cost by paying for productivity instead of every piece completed. The job costing system also works for small businesses that may not necessarily have to produce thousands of garments.


2. Time Savings

The outsourcing contract also saves your business time because experts can do the task faster and better than you can. You’ll be able to focus on other matters that’ll help drive your company’s growth, not sewing or cutting garments.

Having a contract with a quality team also frees you from the hassle of dealing with workers. For example, hiring and firing, evaluating their performance, and providing other benefits like health care and paid leaves.

Creating the designs is another thing experts can do for you. They have extensive experience and knowledge about the latest fashion trends. In addition, they can suggest designs you may not have thought of when planning the project. And unlike when you create the designs yourself, which may take a lot of time and effort, they can do it within a specific time frame.

Time saved leads to more significant profits because it allows you to focus on selling more products.

3. Increased Profit Margin

Since you can better utilize your time by letting the contractor handle the manufacturing process for you, you’ll be free to concentrate on growing your business. Undertaking more projects means that you can bring in more revenue, which would increase your company’s bottom line.

What’s more, contract sewing services help reduce production costs and enable you to market your products at a lower price point. For instance, you can offer the same product line in different sizes without increasing the costs for production. Hiring a provider of contract sewing services also makes it easier for you to create new product lines. This is because they’ll be in charge of designing, developing, and producing them.

You’ll pay the expert only when the job is done. This means that if at any time you can no longer afford their services or decide to do the work yourself, you won’t have to worry about receiving unfinished products.

4. Product Quality Assurance

Also, because contract sewing companies are experts in their field, they know how to handle various types of fabrics and materials and how to replicate the design in different sizes.

They’re also familiar with the latest production technology in the industry. This includes new fabric finishes, computerized sewing machines, digital pattern-making systems, and modern cutting equipment. For example, such experts can use computerized pattern-making systems to reduce the number of steps in making patterns, which would result in streamlined manufacturing.

In contrast to letting your workers do all those tasks, the contract sewing service has the expertise and resources to make them happen in no time. Moreover, you know that the company you hire will produce high-quality garments because they only work with reliable and reputable suppliers.

5. Compliance With Standards

Outsourcing lets you ensure that your company abides by international standards in terms of garment production. This is crucial, particularly if you’re a small business owner interested in reaching overseas markets. It also ensures health and safety compliance in the industry. And since a sewing contractor is familiar with those standards, they can quickly produce garments that meet them.

For example, in the garment manufacturing industry, standards regulate their work processes. You have to meet such standards to receive product certifications when selling items in different sectors.

Compared to starting your own manufacturing unit, hiring a contractor will ensure that all legal compliances are being met. In addition, producers need to make sure that all their garments are appropriately labeled to meet country-specific safety and health laws. That task can be handled by the contractor, too.


6. Faster Delivery

Clients expect their orders to arrive quickly, which is why you need to focus on getting your products manufactured fast. With contract sewing services, your product can go from the concept phase to production more quickly than if the entire process were only done in-house.

Contract sewing also helps you keep up with today’s competitive market. Today, consumers prefer items that aren’t only aesthetically pleasing and convenient to purchase. Many businesses offer their clients various online shopping options so they can get their products quickly and conveniently without having to worry about them being out of stock. By outsourcing your sewing work, you can reduce the time it takes for you to complete an order and improve your delivery times. That’ll be a competitive edge for you in the industry.

7. Increased Savviness in Marketing Products

When you outsource, you also gain access to the contractor’s marketing resources. Many contractors keep up with the latest trends in the industry and know how to best promote your products. They can develop creative marketing campaigns that’ll help increase your brand awareness and product sales. Also, by outsourcing your sewing work, you can have the time to focus on other aspects of your business.

When you outsource your sewing work, you’ll have time to ensure that the company is doing everything it takes to sell its products, including gathering market intelligence and researching new markets. Those pieces of information are crucial in helping your business know what items to produce and where to sell them. You can then allocate more budget toward marketing the items you already have instead of using your funds solely for production.

For example, you can spend more time to promote special sales on social media or make new partnerships with vendors. Doing so would help your business grow because you can widen your client base, which would eventually result in increased sales.

8. Business Continuity

With contract sewing, you can rest assured that your business won’t be disrupted if anything happens to the members of your in-house production team. This is because you’re able to continue meeting your customers’ demands without a hitch.

Contract sewing companies can comfortably accommodate a high workload since they have a large number of employees working for them. That means that if one team member falls ill, there are other workers who can step up to take their place until they recover from their health condition.

This‘ll help ensure that your business won’t suffer due to an unforeseen situation such as equipment breakdown. That way, you can certainly be confident that your business will continue even while you take time off to relax and recharge.

Who Can Benefit from Contract Sewing?

Contract sewing services offer a variety of benefits to any business. However, those benefits will vary depending on the type of industry in question. The different industries that can benefit most from contract sewing include but aren’t limited to:

  • Garment
  • Footwear
  • Household product
  • Personal and home accessory


You’ll find it hard to grow your business if you don’t take the time to improve its processes. In this case, outsourcing your sewing work is an excellent way to help increase your business’ productivity and reduce costs.

Today’s competitive market demands that businesses invest in products that meet or exceed their clients’ expectations. By outsourcing your sewing work, you can be sure that you’ll be able to deliver a quality end product in a shorter time.