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How to Really Grow Your Real Estate Agency in 2022

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The lack of agents is a perennial problem for many real estate agencies. This is why many companies run recruitment campaigns year-round. Not having enough people to connect customers with promising properties can equate to unnoticed earning potential for businesses. It can also cause them to miss out on many profitable opportunities.


Why Recruiting and Retaining Real Estate Agents Is Essential for Growth

Failing to find and keep talented agents in your real estate agency can impact the long-term growth of your company. For one, the cost of recruiting and training new real estate agents is far higher than retaining the ones who have proven their worth in your company. Furthermore, having high turnover rates is not uncommon in real estate agencies. This has the potential to damage the morale of your staff and the reputation of your company within the industry.

It makes perfect economic sense, then, to invest in finding and retaining the right real estate agents for your company. From the get-go, your agency should be putting its resources in getting quality talents and initiating programs that will help your agents hone their skills, achieve their goals, and attain personal and professional satisfaction.

The good news is that you don’t have to do this on your own. There are plenty of solutions providers that you can partner with, such as, to help you. They can give you easy access to the tools and strategies you need to recruit and retain rising and established talents in the field of real estate.

How Can Your Agency Acquire and Keep Talented Real Estate Agents?

What are the strategies you can use to ensure that your agents are happy working at your company? Here are some of the programs and practices you can consider implementing in your real estate agency:

Explore and Adopt New Technologies That Will Benefit Your Agents

Today’s emerging real estate agents have grown up using digital devices. They understand the conveniences that these technologies can bring to their day-to-day activities. They also know how digital tools can ensure they can provide their clients with the level of service they deserve.

It’s highly likely they’re looking for real estate agencies that share the same stance when it comes to technology. So, look out for new technologies that can be used in the field and adopt new tools. This can help your business attract tech-savvy agents. At the same time, having access to the latest tools and technologies will give agents more reason to grow their careers with your company. 


Educate Your Agents on the Recent and Ongoing Changes in the Industry

Plenty of new real estate agents are diamonds in the rough. They need guidance and training to be able to reach their full potential. Seasoned real estate agents, on the other hand, appreciate the speed by which new developments are being applied to the industry in the digital age.

While these groups of agents may be at the opposite ends of the spectrum, it’s clear that they can use further education and training. The desire to move forward is something your company should encourage. Moreover, you can do this by offering ways for agents to pick up new skills and refresh old ones.

This can be done by sponsoring development programs or even just having informal catchups where you can talk about the tricks of the trade. Setting up a clear path for educational and professional advancement can help your agents understand that you’re invested in their careers and care about their achievements. 

Acknowledge the Need for Work-Life Balance in Your Company Culture

Many of today’s young real estate agents place equal value on their professional and personal endeavors. So, this is something that agencies should look into. People who are able to nurture their careers and relationships, among other things, all at the same time can feel a higher level of job satisfaction.

So, try to provide a work environment where your agents can feel that they’re making progress at work without sacrificing their wellbeing or their time with their loved ones. If done right, you have a better chance of retaining your current agents and attracting new talents who want that. 

Providing a nurturing environment and establishing a clear path for professional development goes a long way in ensuring that your real estate agency can attract and keep new talent.

Final Thoughts

So, what programs do you have to boost retention in your workplace, and how receptive are your agents to these initiatives? Also, is your real estate agency a company where the new generation of real estate agents can see themselves thriving? If it’s not consider implementing these practices in your workplace.