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6 Exciting Things About Go Programming Language for Business

Companies require easy and efficient technologies to create large-scale and flexible products. And now Go is one of the programming languages that meets these requirements, as it allows for the creation of secure and scalable applications with minimal effort. Go is a modern, simple, and fast language, ranking among today’s top five most popular languages. Let’s take a closer look at its benefits and ways of use that make it so popular on the market.


What Is Golang Used For?

Go was created to solve the diversity of internal tasks for Google’s network, so there are many cases for its use. Golang is good for web and mobile back-end development. It is also good for web services, microservices, and a variety of application types. It’s also used in the creation of media platforms, utilities, stand-alone tools, news outlets, e-commerce platforms, and cloud-native development. Its areas of use are really fascinating and full of developmental ideas.

What Types of Software Can You Develop with Go?

Benefits of Golang

1. Good Reputation

The Go language appeared in 2009. Since then, it has gained popularity and a strong reputation among such worldwide giants as Microsoft, Adobe, HP, BBC, Dropbox, Netflix, SoundCloud, Twitch, and more. Its popularity with leaders of the business world pushes Golang to further develop its community. This further deepens its level of trust and safety and encourages more companies to use it. 

2. Speed and High Performance

High speed is one of the significant advantages of the Go language. Code is quick to compile and execute. Go allows developers to increase performance by five to ten times without any optimizations. But if that’s not enough, you can also use additional tools to make it even better.

Fast code execution speeds up project development and time to launch. It’s valued by companies that want to migrate their services to a more modern language in a short time. This is because there is no need to stop all work to make the migration. Importantly for businesses, it reduces development costs.

3. Stable and Simple Syntax

The simplicity of Go’s syntax not only facilitates learning but also makes the process of programming easier and faster. One of the reasons is that Go is an open-source language.

This means that Go programmers worldwide are working on modifying and eliminating bugs, so it’s constantly improving. Another one of the Go development features is plenty of additional tools that provide virtually limitless possibilities to developers for implementing a wide array of projects.

4. Scalability and Versatility

Scalability is a decisive factor for companies when choosing a language. They need a technology that will fit all stages of development, from startup to large corporation.

Go’s scalability comes about through concurrency and microservices. While Go is not necessarily suitable for every industry and purpose, it is in more general use.

The most popular niches for using Go are networks, virtualization, and management. The ongoing development of the language and the introduction of new additional tools and drivers support its use in these areas.

This gives companies an opportunity to focus on a single programming language and avoid having to find new specialists when new business challenges arise.

5. Concurrency of Functions

Unlike Python, using Golang for web development allows the running of several independent programs simultaneously. This approach is perfect for big scalable applications development.

In practice, it helps create clear and beautiful code in minimal time. Moreover, it is fast and enjoyable to use.


6. Security

All languages strive for better security, and Go is especially good at this. Thanks to a special garbage-collecting tool, all potentially dangerous things are prohibited.

It scans the code and deletes incorrect objects when it detects them, thereby providing memory security and maintaining a high speed of program execution. This tool is automated, so it is always active and does not require any developer intervention.

Easy Integration

As it can be quite expensive and time-consuming for a company to rewrite an existing project from scratch in a different language, there is a tendency to integrate it into the backend. Web development in Golang allows companies to modify the project faster and at less cost.

Cross-Platform Support

This means that with Go you can create code for all operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, UNIX, and Mac. Additionally, you can create code for mobile devices as well. Using Golang, there is no need to look for another tool for a new operating system. All of them are already available for development.

Google’s Influence

One of the reasons to choose Golang for web development is the fact that it was created by Google. Google is a giant in the digital market and acts as quality assurance for companies, as its products directly affect its success.

The Go Programming Language Is Worth Your Attention

Modern, fast, flexible, and secure: These are the main advantages of Go. It is more advanced and productive than many other programming languages, so it’s definitely worth your attention. The demand for Golang is now quite high, making its cool specialists even more valuable. This is why it is so important to choose the right team of professionals to ensure the quality of Golang development for your project.