Curb Appeal: Making Your Storefront More Attractive

Curb Appeal: Making Your Storefront More Attractive

Featured image by Artem Gavrysh on Unsplash

While it can cost part of your budget and take some time to plan, improving the curb appeal of your business is worth it.


If you have a business with a storefront, making the building look more approachable or appealing can bring more customers through your door. Getting customers inside is especially important if you rely on foot traffic. Clients are less likely to walk into the door when signage, landscaping, or other elements look outdated or messy.

But you don’t have to figure out all the good advice on your own. This guide is here to help. To increase the curb appeal of your storefront, follow these tips.

When It Comes to Curb Appeal the Sign Says It All

When a potential client walks by your building or comes for a scheduled meeting, one of the first things they’ll notice is your primary sign. They’ll be looking for the name of the business or the logo. If it’s not readily apparent, they’ll be confused about where to go. It will not be appealing if your storefront sign looks old from the curb, has missing elements, or uses flimsy materials.

Even people who might be interested might decide to keep walking if they find the sign unattractive. The exterior signage reflects your company’s overall aesthetic and values. That’s why it’s crucial to enhance your store’s curb appeal by upgrading to sturdy, readable materials from a reliable outdoor sign company.

Think of Your Storefront as a Reflection of Your Brand

As Forbes points out, your building and exterior design need to tell your brand story. Everything from the upkeep of the yard to the decorations in the foyer will make impressions on customers. Every company is unique. So you need to make your store’s curb appeal one of a kind, too. You must decide the messages you want your business’s appearance to send.

Maybe you want customers to feel more comfortable in a homey environment, or perhaps you’re trying to create a more pristine boutique experience. The point is to make any exterior design decisions with branding in mind.


Don’t Forget About Color for Enhanced Curb Appeal

Color is a considerable element of design, whether it’s for inside the building or outside. If you’re in an older building, you might be unable to choose every design element you’d like. But you can still make some changes to reflect your logo and potential audience better. Look into adding neutral colors if you want a more relaxed or elegant feel. Or add in some pops of color for livelier curb appeal if you have a fun, youthful brand.

Doing a bit of research into color theory will help you, even if you’re looking to add new signs or upgrade the landscaping.

Keep Everything Clean for More Pleasant Curb Appeal

The interior cleanliness of your office or retail space is vital, but the outside is also key. Whether you hire people to clean or do the yard work or you do it yourself, it needs to be done regularly and to a professional standard. If the grass looks yellow or the plants are dying, this doesn’t send a good message about your company’s level of care and attention to detail.

If the outside of your building is a bit bland or lacking, improve your company’s curb appeal by adding some flowers or trees. This will immediately make the area look better.

Be Creative But Subtle

When making upgrades to the curb appeal of your business, having discretion mixed with creativity is the ideal balance. You don’t want to go too out there with stylistic ideas. However, you do want to stand out and be unique.

With the above tips in mind, you can start making your building look more appealing from the curb than ever before.