Ditch the Office and Work from Home with These 4 Jobs

Ditch the Office and Work from Home with These 4 Jobs

Featured image by Olia Danilevich via Pexels

Would you like to ditch the office and work from home full time? In this article you’ll find some information about four jobs that make it easy to do that.


The last two years saw one of biggest revolutions in work in history. We all know what happened. The pandemic forced companies to tell their employees to work from home. Many workers had been asking corporations for that flexibility but up to that point most businesses had refused. Sometimes they would allow a day or so of off-site work, but they generally insisted that they needed a cohesive workforce. And they only way most managers believed that was possible was if everyone showed up at the office.

However, the vast tidal wave of change that was the pandemic caught everyone off guard.

Employees had to quickly set up home office space. They comandeered dining room tables and corners of their bedrooms to accommodate their needs.

Houses and apartments became even more crowded as children started home schooling online, too. Surprisingly, most employees and many companies found they could do their jobs remotely with no problem at all.

So if you’d like to jump on this trend and work from home, the following are four jobs that make it easy to ditch the office and go remote.

Ditch the Office If You’re a Business Analyst

As a business analyst, you’re responsible for working with business stakeholders to develop specifications for the software systems and applications they need to do their work. You’ll meet with executives and senior management. You’ll also engage with front line supervisors and key employees across many different departments.

All of this work can be easily done remotely. Once your meetings and fact-gathering are complete, you’ll create the business specs. Then you’ll meet with software developers who will turn those designs into mobile apps or traditional software applications.

Freight Dispatchers Can Work from Practically Anywhere

Recent supply chain disruptions and the shortage of personnel in the trucking field have made the already complex job of a freight dispatcher even harder.

Freight dispatchers are responsible for getting drivers the loads they need to deliver while also making sure things run smoothly and on schedule.

But with fleet management systems and telematics tools that give real-time information on fleet performance and vehicle locations, a freight dispatcher can work remotely. In fact, a well-equipped freight dispatcher can keep a complex freight operation running smoothly.

This is because gleet management software and tools allow them to proactively optimize routes and keep customers informed as to expected delivery times.

Administrative Assistants Can Easily Ditch the Office

With the proliferation of new technology tools, administrative assistants can easily go virtual. This means they can work from home or anywhere. They can handle all of the scheduling, phone screening, email responses, and other tasks that their clients require.

Special projects also often come under the purview of a virtual administrative assistant. When this is the case, an administrative assistant will be able to use the internet to do their research. They can also quickly connect with key stakeholders to coordinate on current projects or update everyone on the status of a project.


Work from Home as a Customer Service Representative

Customer service is an ideal job that allows you to ditch the office and work from home. All you’ll need are a telephone and headset and a computer with high-speed internet access. Then you’ll easily be able to get all of your work done.

You’ll be able to access the same systems you would at the office. You will be able to help take care of any customer issues that arise. Best of all, you’ll save a lot of time since you won’t have to take on a long daily commute.